Easter Holiday Dinner Meal Kit

Easter Holiday Dinner Meal Kit


Let us help you spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your family as you celebrate Easter. As the familiar smells of traditional foods hit your nose, they’ll trigger happy memories of previous Easter celebrations. And we know that the mouth-wateringly delicious food will have you taking seconds or even thirds. We’ve gathered the traditional favorites from asparagus and hot cross buns to honey glazed ham and rack of lamb.


Prix Fixe Menu (Serves 4)

  • Pink Pickled Deviled Eggs (Bacon, Chives) DF, GF

  • Whole Honey Glazed Easter Ham (Mustard Jus) DF, GF

  • Thyme Roasted Crushed Fingerling Potatoes – VEGAN, GF

  • Rainbow Salad (Purple Ninja Radish, Chioggia Beets, Carrot, Spinach, Chicory, Blackberry Ginger Dressing) VEGAN, GF

  • Hot Cross Buns – VEGETARIAN

  • Lemon Mousse and Toasted Coconut Layer Cake – VEGETARIAN

A La Carte


  • Chilled Green Asparagus Salad (Spring Radish, Yellow Beets, Hard Boiled Egg, Grain Mustard and Fines Herbes Vinaigrette) VEGAN, DF

  • Green Pea, Mascarpone and Tarragon Risotto (Crispy Parmesan Tuile) VEGETARIAN, GF


  • Cedar Plank Salmon (Lemon-Cumin Aioli) DF, GF

  • Whole Roasted Rack of Spring Lamb, Dijon and Herbes de Provence Crust (Mustard Jus) DF, GF

Side Dishes

  • White Bean Cassoulet, Kale Pesto (Crunchy Quinoa Crust) VEGAN, GF


  • Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cakes – VEGETARIAN


Our Easter Holiday Dinner Meal Kit is no longer available. Click here to see our current offerings.


Our holiday dinner meal kits are available directly through our partners at Baldor by clicking the link here.

For custom orders and to discuss options, please email us directly at celebratefood@greatperformances.com.


What Is Included In The Easter Holiday Dinner Meal Kit?

In your Easter Holiday Dinner Meal Kit we’ll send the menu items you’ve ordered with clear instructions for heating (if necessary) and serving. You simply provide the serving dishes and your appetite!

Do You Have Vegetarian Or Vegan Offerings?

We have several vegan and vegetarian offerings in our Easter Holiday Dinner Meal Kit. The In the Prix Fixe menu, the hot cross buns and coconut layer cake are vegetarian. The potatoes and rainbow salad are vegan. From our a la carte Easter menu, the risotto and raspberry mousse cakes are vegetarian while the asparagus salad and cassoulet are vegan. For more options, please contact celebratefood@greatperformances.com.

Do You Have A Gluten Free Menu Available?

We have several gluten free items in our Easter Dinner menu. From the Prix Fixe Easter menu most of the items are gluten free including the deviled eggs, ham, potatoes, and rainbow salad. From our a la carte Easter menu, most dishes are gluten free including the risotto, rack of lamb, salmon, and cassoulet. For more options, please contact celebratefood@greatperformances.com.

How Is The Food Prepared?

The food is prepared in our kitchens and will be delivered fully cooked. We’ll provide clear instructions on how to reheat the food along with a timeline.

How Is The Food Delivered?

Our partners at Baldor Food will deliver your Passover Holiday Dinner Meal Kit to the address specified in your order.

How Is The Food Packaged?

Our Easter Holiday Dinner Meal Kit is packaged for convenience and delivery. Foods to be heated in the oven are packaged in oven proof containers, while foods to be heated on the stove top are packaged in leak proof containers.

Will I Need Serving Dishes?

Yes, please use serving dishes you’d usually use for holiday dinners. We recommend a variety of serving platters and bowls.