Katchkie Farm

In 2006, we established Katchkie Farm, becoming the nation’s first caterer to own and operate an organic farm.

Great Performances purchased 60 acres in Kinderhook, NY and transformed the undeveloped parcel into a thriving NOFA-certified organic farm with 9,000 square feet of greenhouses and a Children's Learning Garden.

Katchkie Farm is dedicated to building the connection between city and farm. It serves as inspiration for our local and seasonal dishes, and as a trusted source of produce for our kitchens and 700-member CSA program. Each year, we commit 5% of the annual harvest to anti-hunger organizations throughout the New York Area.

Katchkie Farm is also home to The Sylvia Center, an educational nonprofit founded by our CEO Liz Neumark. Through farm visits and programs, the organization introduces children to the pleasures and benefits of healthy, sustainable food.

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For questions related to the the Katchkie Farm, our CSA program or planning a visit, email info@katchkiefarm.com.

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Great Performances

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