The 100-Yard Menu: Taking Local to the Next Level

Years ago, Great Performances pioneered the 100 Mile Menu, featuring ingredients from within 100 miles of New York City. Now, we are debuting the 100 Yard Menu for all you weed and insect lovers. Your guests will love our varied menu selections sourced from your New York City block!

Highlights include:
Satay of Roasted Rat and Cockroach
A Mélange of Weeds
Sewage Stew
The Bird Buffet, which features a fine selection of Worms, Grubs, and Larvae
Dumpster Dumplings
A Spoonful of Seeds
Garbage Stir Fry

Our sourcing experts will do a pre-event survey to identify what can be used from a 100-yard radius from the venue, inspiring unique delights for each event. Some of the menu concepts our kitchen has created include Bodega’s Bounty, Flattened Pigeons, and Everything You Can Make with a Keurig Coffee Brewer.

Our Design Team has been hard at work on the aesthetics of the 100-Yard menu, coming up with new ideas for trays and vessels. They want to keep things surprising for clients, but they did allow us to tease you with our garnishes options, which include paperclips, gum wrappers, and pocket lint.

We even recruit our staff using the 100-Yard rubric, so you’ll see familiar faces at your event including the woman from the security desk, the COO of your company, and the man on the corner with the tinfoil hat. Staff attire follows suit, with garbage bag capes as our default look when venues aren’t located near a dry cleaner or thrift store.

Clients who have a hard time choosing between the two options can find reassurance in the fact that both feature that most delicious item, a hearty helping of self-righteousness sprinkled with a little bit of do-goodery.

NOTE: This is part of Great Performances’ April Fools Newsletter. Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet!