Great Performances' Spring Dessert Menu

Spring Dessert Menu By Executive Pastry Chef Monica Ng

While curating our spring dessert menu, we wanted to embody a style that is not only unique and personal but one that resonates within our target markets. We aimed to create dishes for everybody, with crucial starting points focused on seasonality, dietary restrictions, variety, and local sourcing.


  • Harry Berry Strawberry Mousse – lemon cake, white chocolate sphere, strawberry consommé

  • Yuzu-White Chocolate Cheesecake – graham crust, yuzu curd, white chocolate mousse, toasted meringue, blueberry compote

  • Meyer Lemon Mousse Angel Food Cake – citrus melange, lemon tuile

  • Peach Melba Cake – polenta cake, peach and white chocolate mousse, blackberry mousse, raspberry foam

  • Milk Chocolate Caramel Dome – vanilla sponge, cassis crémeux center, milk chocolate and caramel mousse, blackberry compote

Lemon Meringue St. Honoré – vanilla pastry cream, lemon curd, toasted meringue, raspberry sauce

Alphonso Mango Panna Cotta – coconut cake, mandarin gelée, lime zest, chantilly cream

Pineapple Ricotta Cake – ricotta sponge cake, white chocolate mousse, roasted pineapple, vanilla-pineapple sauce

Choco-Banana Tart – cocoa crunch, praline mousse, bananas foster, chocolate whipped ganache, caramel sauce

Raspberry Field Cheesecake – vanilla cheesecake, raspberry hibiscus sauce, macerated raspberry, raspberry tuile

Lemon Violet Semifreddo – blackberry compote, violet foam, raspberry sauce, crunchy floral meringue

Vegan Chocolate Black Bean Cake – chocolate ganache, macerated berries, dairy-free whipped cream

Dark Chocolate Rum Cake – chocolate jaconde cake, rum raisin diplomat cream, hazelnut praline cream, vanilla crème anglaise

Caramélia Chocolate Coconut Mousse – brown butter cake, coconut malibu rum mousse, caramélia crémeux, chocolate sauce

Budapest Milk Chocolate Crémeux Cake – hazelnut dacquoise, milk chocolate crémeux, candied hazelnuts


  • Raspberry Dark Chocolate Rocher

  • Chocolate Almond Trifecta Tart

  • Mini Cookies and Cream Sundae Cup

  • Double Chocolate Madeleine

  • Mini Piña Colada Sundae Cup

  • Pistachio Cannoli

  • PB&J Cannoli

  • Mini Strawberry Shortcakes

  • Mini Vol-Au-Vent of Seasonal Berries

  • Peach Crisp Bar


    • Mango Creamsicle

    • Dark Chocolate Caramélia Tart

    • Pistachio Orange Crunch

    • Passion Fruit Mousse

    • Blackberry Lemon Cheesecake

    • Key Lime Tartlets

    • Frutti Di Bosco Tartlets

  • Red Velvet Cream Puff

  • Mango Creamsicle Parfait

  • Strawberry Hibiscus Mousse

  • Vanilla and Pineapple Panna Cotta

  • Chocolate Caramélia Parfait

  • Almond Raspberry Dacquoise Cake

  • Soft & Chewy S’mores

  • Blueberry Cheesecake

Image Credits: ©Amanda Gentile, ©Chip Klose