Holland Tunnel: GP’s Newest Exclusive Venue

Have you ever wanted to party in New York but you were stuck in Jersey?  Perhaps you wanted to leave the city for a while and head to a more low key place across the Hudson.  Now you can have both, at the same dang time! Great Performances is Proud to announce its Most Exciting Venue Partnership to Date!!!  GP is now the EXCLUSIVE party provider at the Clifford Milburn Holland Tunnel.  Forget the Bs and come party in the T!  You have the option to rent the to Jersey Lanes, the from Jersey Lanes, or the entire Tunnel.  Causing a traffic jam or should we say Jamboree! has never been so much fun!

Turn the tunnel’s 8,558 feet of asphalt into your very own catwalk!  You and your guests will live life in the fast lane will sipping Road Rage Rum in the VIP bar setup on the walking paths overlooking tunnel traffic and the dance floor.  Of course, our design team has you covered to set the tone for your HT Soiree! Watch your bling blind as those gems pick up on the strategically placed traffic safety reflectors.  And let your shimmer shine under those floodlights.  With one of the best acoustic setups in all of New York and New Jersey, impress your guests with a didgeridoo concert.  Who needs dubstep when you can stop and go to the intoxicating whomp of the didgeridoo?!

Your friends from Jersey and the City can meet in the middle and party the night away in our newest exclusive venue!  With Great Performances and the Holland Tunnel, yours will be a party worth crashing!

NOTE: This is part of Great Performances’ April Fools Newsletter. Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet!