Farmer Bob becomes Official White House Garden Farmer

This month, Farmer O-Bob-ma, formerly Katchkie Farm’s Farmer Bob, will begin his stint as the new resident gardener for the White House. He was elated to get the call earlier in March from Mrs. Michelle Obama herself, who met Bob during a visit to The Sylvia Center at Katchkie Farm this past summer. The First Lady was observing a children’s program at the farm when she spotted Farmer Bob sitting in a field of arugula, whispering to the greens. Impressed by Farmer Bob’s eccentric and gentle organic practices, she decided to invite him on as the official gardener at the White House.

“I’m excited to start something new on a smaller scale,” Farmer Bob explained. “The President and First Lady have expressed a lot of interest in my new, experimental growing practices. It was taking too long to coax all those acres of vegetables to grow through soft whispers up at Katchkie. It’ll be neat to see how things grow down in D.C., where I’ll be able to focus more on each individual plant.” Farmer Bob plans to introduce a variety of new plants and vegetables to the Obama’s garden, while implementing the newest growing methods in his repertoire, including spa-like treatments (massages, exfoliation, etc) that supposedly help reap the tenderest crops.

Also, to become more connected to his new environment, Farmer Bob decided to legally change his name to Farmer O-Bob-ma, which he found more fitting for his new role at the White House.

NOTE: This is part of Great Performances’ April Fools Newsletter. Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet!