2019 Wedding Trends


By Emily Reifel and Jessica Chuang

The 2019 Wedding season is quickly approaching and we’ve collected some of the biggest trends that we have seen here at The Plaza that will not only wow your guests, but create an unforgettable experience.

Winning Colors of 2019

The Pantone Color Institute picks a color every year. This year’s winner is Living Coral, which boasts “golden undertones that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.” Color is where everything starts. Once you have chosen a color scheme, it is easier to pick out themes for the big day. Similar to the color of the year, we are seeing “colors that energize and enliven with a softer edge.” To create this, we focus on complementary colors.

Complementary colors are directly opposite each other on the color wheel. When you pick two colors on the opposite of the color wheel, you create a “maximum contrast”. The immense pop in color is due to a natural illusion which happens when you place a cool color next to a warm color. Alongside these vibrant colors are softer colors that help mute the colors, so while you have beautiful vibrant colors, you have colors that will also help soften it and bring everything together.

More Relaxed Photos

The days of rigid pre-wedding photos are coming to an end. We are seeing more candid photos that capture the couple’s personality. It’s more about photographing those natural moments of people enjoying and celebrating this special day.

Specialized Escort Cards

Say goodbye to traditional tent cards and hello to specialized escort cards. We’ve seen some unique new designs here at The Plaza; from calligraphy on geodes to tequila shot glasses, there is nothing better than making a good first impression for your guests.

Return of the Circular Menu

We live in a time where trends are always evolving. From menus printed on plexiglass to menus handwritten on leaves, there is always something new coming out each year. However, this year, we’ve noticed that classic menus are back in style with the return of the circular menu.

Texture on Texture on Texture

By definition, texture is “The feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface or a substance.” It appeals to our sense of touch and with that, it can evoke a feeling of aspiration, comfort or familiarity. Not only are couples choosing unique colors for their wedding, but they are also choosing different textures to add an entirely new dynamic and experience for the eyes.

Band or DJ? – a hard decision

Which one to choose? That is probably one of the most asked questions when it comes to wedding planning. Having a band is a different experience since nothing beats live music, but a DJ really gets everyone pumped. So the question again is “Which one to choose?” The answer, we say, is “Why not both?” This year, we’ve seen DJs and bands merge together to bring out the beauty in a person’s voice, while also having upbeat electronic music in the background.

 Skip the Cocktail Bar and Go Straight to the MakeUp Bar

Blowouts for bridesmaids are all the rage. We are seeing more bridal parties being styled by Glamsquad, Dry Bar and Prive. But, why not kick this up a step further? At a wedding Emily attended recently in a hotel where the majority of the guest rooms were being held, a meeting room turned into the wedding’s own blow-dry bar. Each wedding guest was gifted hairstyling for each wedding event. There was a style menu that included bouncy blow drys, glamorous updos and stylized braids. Guests were even able to select a variety of live floral pieces to add to their hair.