What to Pack in Your Event Survival Kit (Video)


By Domenico Gurliacci and Mack Eltantawi

Oh no, the groom broke his shoe? No problem, fixed! The mother-of-the-bride ripped her dress? Don’t worry we are on it! We all know that mishaps are many times inevitable and unavoidable during an event, but Great Performances’ Sanit Captain, Mack, and Kitchen Captain, Domenico, are always prepared for a “worse-case-scenario” type of situation.

What is the the survival pack?

Basically it’s a lot of odds and ends that have been picked up after parties. We usually only take what we know will come in handy. Gloves, straws and cocktail napkins. We keep masking tape, gaffer tape, glue tape just in case we are doing something at someone’s house and need to tape something down. We keep a whisk and a couple of knives too. Sometimes when you go to an event off premises, there aren't any outlets or plugs, so we always keep a power strip to connect to the breaker. A couple of times, a coffee maker or machine wasn’t working and we used cheese clothes from the pack along with boiling water to brew the coffee.

How did it all start?

It all started while I was doing demonstrations. I would have a demo kit with me. Basics like utensils, knife kit, extra gloves, a cassette fume and extra butane. A bunch of seasonings and oils. After doing one of these demonstrations I had an event at Chelsea Piers in CT and somehow all the butane was left behind from my demo kit. Ever since that party my kit kept growing. You never know when you're going to need it, but when you do, it makes a big difference.

What was your favorite moment where you had to use it?

My favorite moment was probably at last year’s City Parks Gala. I was en route to the event when I received the message that the venue had been changed last minute to Terminal 5. As soon as I arrived I found out that most of our equipment, including sternos, never made it. I had a little over a half case on me which was enough to get us started until the rest arrived from the park. We also did an event at Caramoor, and there was a guest who’s zipper broke on her dress, I used the sewing kit from the pack to fix her zipper.

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