Bringing Food to Life


By Sarah Prawl

Contributions by Danica Andler & Chef Mark Russell

A Closer Look at Our New Designs

At Great Performances, we are always looking for innovative ways to step outside the box, while providing a fresh and unique experience for our clients.

“Food As Art” has been an ongoing theme here at Great Performances, as we break the mold from traditional food stations to offer a range of unique stations and vessels.

The process isn't easy and constantly ongoing, but our Design and Culinary teams have collaborated seamlessly to produce a collection of fantastic food stations for 2018.

Chef's Palette Dessert

The Inspiration
We bring the attention here to our Pastry Chef. Classic crepe and Chantilly crème cakes presented with artful plating live. Fruit purees and chocolate sauce create light sweets and dramatic presentation.


On The Menu
Chocolate or Vanilla Crepe Cakes
Raspberry Sauce
Chocolate Sauce
Mango Sauce
Matcha Sauce

Cheese for the Growing Season

The Inspiration

A vegetable forward Cheese presentation. Fresh Goat cheese and blossoms, fava beans and field tomatoes, mozzarella, bumper crop pickles. Local honey and a ripe aged tome. A fresh vegetable crudité to dunk in a silky cheese fondue. A balance of fresh and aged, salty and sweet, local and imported.


On The Menu
Toasted Ricotta Salata
Mozzarella Di Bufala
Comte Fondue
Marigold & Corn Flower Goat Buchette
Tete De Moine Flowerets
Baguette Spike

New York Steakhouse

The Inspiration

This luxurious cut of beef popularized back in 1827 remains a steak house classic. Here we have taken it to the cocktail hour.  Paired with a twice baked and stuffed potato and your favorite steak sauce.

On The Menu
Chef-Carved Strip Steak
Twice Baked Mini Potatoes
Roasted Wild Mushrooms
Pearl Onion Agrodolce
Steak Sauces


Chef's Palette Savory

The Inspiration
Classic roasts presented on small tasting plates live on this chef’s table. With traditionally prepared sauces and purees, Chefs make each plate its own piece of art with bold strokes, dramatic colors and vibrant flavors.

On The Menu
Pan Roast Breast of Chicken
Veg Ash Crusted Petite Beef Tender
Hibiscus Poached Diver Scallop
Beet Root Jus
Honey Roast Toy Eggplant
Orange Bell Pepper Coulis
Spinach Puree


Caesar Crudo

The Inspiration
Great on its own or paired with the New York Steak is our Caesar Crudo, a table side classic. Stepped up with a grander presentation. Towers of roof-top greens and local vegetables, wheels of cheese and hand held industrial graters. A theatrical salad experience.


On The Menu
Hand Torn Croutons
Classic Caesar Dressing


The Inspiration
Small bites of old world flavors create our tapas. A hand held salad, a classic “Pintxo” or skewer, asparagus flan, a crisp sandwich, called a “Bocadillo”, the time honored traditions of northern Spain, reinvented.

On The Menu
Honey Roast Toy Eggplant
Asparagus Flan and Quail Egg Toast
Serrano Ham Bocadillo
Mackaerel Escabeche
Pork Albondigas
White Bean & Bottarga


Contorni Misto

The Inspiration
The tastes and flavors that lead to the next course. An aged local sheep’s milk cheese, figs and wine, Vegetables bathed in California olive oil. Sweet garlic, beans and ancient grains.

On The Menu
Whipped Ricotta
Domestic Pecora Cheese
Rose Wine Poached Figs
Fava Beans
Roast Zucchini, Roma Tomato & Marinated Artichokes
Borlotti Beans & Toasted Farro
Saffron Arancini
Caponata Stuffed Shells
Oil Cured Olives
Baguette Spike


Photo Credits: ©Maggie Marguerite Inc., ©Ben Hider Images, ©Gabe Palacio, ©Julie Ades 

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