Food Tank 2018: Ending Food Loss and Food Waste Together


By Sarah Prawl

At Great Performances, we strive to highlight the importance of addressing food waste and sustainable practices, while educating the community on food waste reduction, recycling and food recovery initiatives.

We are always excited to partner with organizations which align with our mission, and were proud to partner with Food Tank for the second annual NYC Food Tank Summit at New York University’s Tishman Auditorium and feed another sold-out (and hungry) crowd.

Focusing on topics pertaining to Food Loss and Food Waste, The Summit featured 35 speakers and panelists, as well as an engaging dialogue with audience members. Together, everyone tackled tough subjects pertaining to food loss and waste such as systematic challenges, the role restaurants and companies play in fighting food waste, solving food loss on the farm, and fighting food loss and waste from within communities. Going to the core, the discussions educated everyone on the connections between sustainability, food waste, racial justice, public health, etc., and how they all directly affect each other.

To learn more about Food Tank and how you can get involved in the fight against food waste and food loss, click here.

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