Philosophy + Approach

Beautiful Food and Artful Service

Great Performances enhances celebrations with creativity, professionalism, and bright flavors.

We bring passion to the table with a commitment to create unique culinary experiences. With exceptionally prepared and presented food. With impeccable service. With access to the most uncommon and breathtaking settings in New York and beyond. And with a keen ability to turn catering into an art form and events into celebrations.

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Love Happens Around Food.

Creating a vibrant atmosphere for momentous life occasions calls for unparalleled social skills. We are excellent listeners and communicators. Our overriding mission is to reflect the spirit of your occasion from beginning to end, so it lasts in your memories. Throughout the planning process, our design team is on hand to ensure that the aesthetic of your event is fine-tuned precisely to your vision. 

Whether your vision is traditional or redefines tradition, our Event Directors work closely with you to attend to every detail of your momentous day. Our goal is to bring your dream to life, which we will accomplish by drawing on our 35 years of experience planning weddings. And because of our deep relationships with the most enchanting venues in New York, we will find the perfect setting together.

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Whether you are planning a meeting, employee function, brand activation or client cultivation, we understand the nuances of every request and have the insight and skill to surpass your expectations. Our corporate relationships are long-lasting, based on professionalism, timeliness and collaboration.

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As a nonprofit organization, you are dedicated to serving others; fundraising is the lifeline to support unique and vital programs. We recognize the work you do and stand ready to assist you. Local, national, and international groups continually turn to us because they know that we make their priorities, ours.

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Outdoor Events

The Great Outdoors. Under the stars. On sand dunes. In the park. At the zoo. On rooftops and terraces or on a blanket. The joy of being outdoors with the bounty of the season and the unique experiences that come with the informality of casual dining and the untraditional. Our farm is at its peak yielding the most flavorful produce to accompany the sizzle of the grill. Food that tastes as beautiful as it looks. Flavors as exciting as the joy of summertime. Learn More

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Service Speaks Volumes.

So much of your experience and lasting impression relies on service. Service that is professional, intuitive, imperceptible. Service that is graceful, fluid, as if choreographed.

Today, every member of our impeccably trained staff assumes a pivotal role in this ensemble production. Regardless of the size and scale of your event, our service is consistent. After the sights, the sounds and the aromas have faded from your event, what remains is the memory of a truly great performance.

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Ronnie Davis Productions

Ronnie Davis Productions is the special events division of Great Performances, providing domestic and international event production, strategic consultation, design and management.

With over 35 years of experience as an award-winning producer, Ronnie Davis has created a diverse portfolio of memorable events around the world, from a product launch at the Statue of Liberty for 5,000 guests to an evening in a 600-year-old palace in the heart of Beijing. We are retained primarily for our matchless expertise, which allows us to come in at any point of a project as advisers or producers. Moreover, we can absorb the corporate identity of any client to work seamlessly as an outsourced meetings or special events department.