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Fall Menu

Lobster and corn tart
Shortribtostada--tradition--1 (1)
Vegetables and pearls
Grilled prawn with bloody mary verinne
Pan seared chicken breast with root vegetable socca tart
Slow roast halibut with sunflowers
Vegetable Ash Crusted Filet, Ratatouille, Steak House Spinach Twice Baked Potato
Oil poached branzini with artichoke soubise
Vegan pot pie - 2 (2)

A few words from Chef de Cuisine, Mark Russell who crafted the fall menu...

With our days growing cooler, our trips to the beach morph into early mornings at the greenmarket. We begin to reminisce over the flavors of summer, even before the harvest season ends. This fall our menu will reflect our shared longing for the bounty of our Hudson Valley harvests and our enthusiasm for preservation, canning and pickling.

Olive oil confit cherry tomatoes will once again find their way into breads, stews, salads and dips. Spiny cucumbers in brine, blossoms and herbs carefully dehydrated and vacuum-sealed, will feature flavors captured at their peak.

A refreshing and elegant first course called “Vegetables and Pearls” will be served with a deconstructed vinaigrette of Tuscan olive oil and citrus pearls.

We will have some of our older traditions reflected in an interpretation of a classic pot pie. Ours a vegetarian version, rich with closing-season roots and vegetables, bathed in a cauliflower veloute, and topped with butter-free puff pastry.

We’ve lightened a “Sunday Dinner” with a roasted free-range breast of chicken served with a socca tart, herb salad and bright pan jus.

Then, we have a slow roast halibut, with sides constructed from the different parts of the sunflower plant. A silken sauce of yellow peppers, dried petals and toasted seeds. Garnishes of sunflower sprouts and spiced toasted seeds.

We're looking forward to hearing what you think of the new fall menu. 

Hors D'oeuvres

Lobster and Corn Tart

Short Rib Tostada

First Course

Vegetable and Pearls

Grilled Prawn, Bloody Mary Verinne


Pan Seared Chicken Breast, Root Vegetable Socca Tart

Slow Roast Halibut with Sunflowers

Vegetable Ash Crusted Filet, Ratatouille, Steak House Spinach Twice Baked Potato

Oil Poached Branzini, Artichoke Soubise

Vegan Pot Pie