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Great Performances' menus are a celebration of contemporary American cuisine, incorporating clean, vibrant and seasonal ingredients sourced locally when possible.

We have a shared goal of developing innovative and delicious dishes for our guests. Whether a dish is traditional or out of the box, it has a GP touch that makes it exquisite. We often source produce, meat, fish and dairy from local growers and purveyors. This fresh, beautiful food inspires our chefs to create seasonal meals that grace our plate. We tailor menus to each event, while remaining committed to the unmatchable flavors of the ingredients we trust. From the process of sourcing ingredients, to developing a dish, to styling the plate, we respect the integrity of our food.

Our Traditional Line is an homage to the time honored culinary tradition of conserving food, reflecting our grandmother's and mother's generations when nothing went to waste. The deep respect for ingredients inspires our chefs to cook creatively and be mindful of  food waste by utilizing repurposed or leftover ingredients to create unique, delicious dishes. All locally sourced, our 100 Mile Menu represents our commitment to celebrating local flavors while supporting sustainable agriculture and good earth practices. Simply put, food grown with love tastes better!



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From the perfectly balanced classics to the endless surprises of modern mixology, our Mixologist will delight and educate you with concoctions of all varieties. We know our wines, and will be happy to suggest the best ones to accompany any food being served. In addition, we feature the work of small batch and local distilleries as well as craft breweries, and serve fresh juices, herbal infusions and house-made syrups.

Culinary Team

Our Chefs
create the Unforgettable.

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Seasoned in the kitchen, hungry to explore, engaged listeners and creative spirits, our culinary team is as inventive as they are meticulous. Together, they have extraordinary depth of experience; among the team we work with, we have seasoned GP veterans, who demonstrate knowledge of GP food philosophy, and newcomers, who bring a fresh culinary perspective. As a whole, the culinary team embraces our core values: diversity, arts, farming, sustainability, community, vision and teamwork.