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Farm to Table.

Katchkie Farm is our 60-acre, NOFA-certified organic farm in Columbia County, NY.
As the first catering company to own and operate and organic farm, it represents our commitment to celebrating local flavors and supporting sustainable agriculture. Established in 2006, we converted 60 acres of never-before-farmed land in Kinderhook, NY into a full-production organic farm with a robust 600+ member CSA program that serves individuals and offices across NYC. From May to November, we grow a range of produce including tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, carrots, squash, beets, braising greens, microgreens, and more. The farm continues to inspire our chefs and connect them to the regional agricultural community. We feature Katchkie produce in event and café menus whenever possible.

You can find Katchkie produce through our 600-member CSA program, our farm stand at the local Rockefeller Center Greenmarket in the summer, and our SOFI-finalist Tomato Jam which supports The Sylvia Center, a nonprofit that introduces young people to the pleasures and benefits of eating well through hands-on cooking classes in New York City and Columbia County.

To learn more about the farm and the various ways to participate, visit

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