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Welcoming our Sustainability Manager, Zach Reif | Great Performances


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Welcoming our Sustainability Manager, Zach Reif
Company News
by Beth Kaiserman

More info on Katchkie Farm CSA!

From studying food studies at American University of Rome to interning with Katchkie Farm CSA, Zach Reif is now the new Katchkie Farm Sustainability Manager.

Coming from a background in restaurants, Zach knew he wanted to learn about our food system in the larger sense. After undergrad at University of Vermont, where he loved visiting the surrounding farms, he pursued a grad program in Food Studies at American University in Rome for a year. Meanwhile, his parents purchased a house in upstate New York. The Food Studies program allowed Zach to visit many farms in Italy, including ones that specialize in agriturismo. He wants to open his own agritourism business with culinary classes. As part of his thesis work, he surveyed customers at local Greenmarkets this past summer to analyze their shopping patterns. As predicted, most customers use the farmers markets as a secondary means of shopping. 

"I'm excited to be a leader in the food world, craft the program and build relationships."

Hoping to expand the 800 Katchkie Farm CSA members and bring fruit to more sites, Zach has his hands full - but still hopes to spend lots of time getting them dirty at Katchkie Farm! Stay in tune with all the Katchkie happenings in their newsletter - and lots of fun, fresh recipes on the Katchkie Farm blog! 

Zach's favorite veg? 

"Anything from the broccoli family: cauliflower, romanesco, roasted and simply dressed - always delicious!"

Zach also loves baseball and video games.

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