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When Worlds Collide
CPS Events at The Plaza
by Emily Reifel

This past fall, I had the pleasure of working with Alexa and Robert on their absolutely stunning wedding celebration! I knew from the start that this was going to be a highlight of my 2016, the moment I spoke to Alexa's mother Sheri on the phone. I felt like I had known her for years and she was friendly with so many of my former clients which made her trust me with her daughter's wedding before we had even met!

Soon we met in person and sealed the deal! Alexa and Robert would be married at The Plaza! I didn't meet Robert for a little while during the wedding planning but we realized initially that we had actually already met because he was a groomsman in a wedding I had done a few years back.  Alexa and Robert had met through mutual friends while Robert was living in his hometown of London.  Once wedding details were sorted he would be moving to NYC to be with his lovely bride.

Decor is important! Alexa loves white flowers mixed in with lots of green so she sent photos to her designer for inspiration and boy did they nail it! 

A few weeks before the wedding we had one final planning meeting with all the vendors so we could finalize all important decisions. It was a long meeting and I remember scrambling to rush out the door to get to my spin class at Cyc Fitness that had become my spiritual ritual and my safe haven where I didn't have my phone and could clear my planning is exhausting! Spin was a way to clear my mind, work my core and sweat out the challenges of the daily NYC grind! When I arrived at class I heard someone say my name and I couldn't believe it but it was Alexa! I almost dropped dead! "Didn't I just leave you? Do you spin? Do you know I am here like four times a week?" She replied with "Robert just become the new CEO of Cyc and he's right here!" Sure enough there was Robert and Alexa's sister Stephanie! We were all cracking up! How amazing that one of my all-time favorite couples was now running my all-time favorite activity! What a crazy world we live in!

Soon wedding planning was close to being complete and summer was in full swing and everyone wanted to enjoy summer without worrying about the wedding for a few weeks.  Alexa and Robert let me know that the weekend before the wedding there was a Cyc pop-up out east at Gurney's Hotel in Montauk! Who wouldn't want to go and spin overlooking the ocean! It was incredible and post class we all relaxed on the beach and had a great bonding day with plenty of Rosé.  We shared a lovely Shabbat dinner together and before we knew it the big day had arrived! 

Claudia and her team at everything detailed to perfection and we had a blast watching as then guests arrived. There were a lot of familiar faces in attendance. Alexa and Robert weren't nervous at all and enjoyed every minute of their ceremony. Guests traveled to the cocktail hour in The Palm Court that was complete with loads of pigs in a blanket (those where Alexa's father's favorite!), glorious sushi stations and of course Rosé at the bars! As guests entered the Grand Ballroom, the band, dressed in white dinner jackets played Justin Timberlake and Jay Z's "Suit and Tie" just to set the mood!  The room looked elegant yet magical with white orchids and even some palm branches as a nod to The Palm Court. Beautiful white chairs filled the room and gave it a nice contemporary look.  A gorgeous silver sparkling bar graced the dance floor so this crowd could boogie all night! 

Eventually after dinner was served and the cake was cut they finished a final dance set. We all sat in the Grand Ballroom completely still mesmerized at the end of the night as to what a success the whole night was! But it didn't stop there! Alexa and Robert and I knew this wasn't the end of their fairytale at The Plaza!

Before long we brainstormed an idea that would bring Cyc Fitness to The Plaza. At this point a few more teammates of mine had also become addicted to spinning. So much so that we nicknamed ourselves the "Cyc-ohs". I wanted to bring bikes to the Ballroom.  Robert loved the idea and we made it happen! We put together a list of some other "Cyc-ohs" to bring them a new experience and a chance to see our Grand Ballroom in a different light. The fitness craze had taken over in NYC and people are always looking for new ways to entertain; why not bring them to a iconic setting and give them an experience they would never expect?! We had over 90 people turn up and we rocked the Grand Ballroom in an entirely different way than we did at Robert and Alexa's wedding. Our AV team did a phenomenal job at creating an atmosphere that was out of this world for the riders and my two favorite instructors. It was a special day for everyone and the wheels weren't only turning on those bikes! They were turning in our heads to create new opportunities to entertain while exercising! I'm sure that there will be more to come! 

Image Source: Greenlit Pro

Robert and Alexa, you are an incredible couple and I'm so happy that your story has continued at The Plaza and I can't wait to see what we come up with next!

Planner: Gourmet Advisory Services

Venue: The Plaza

Music: Hank Lane

Floral & Event Design: Pat & Glenn Productions

Photographer: Christian Oth Studios

Food: Great Performances

Lighting: Bentley Meeker Lighting & Staging

Cake: Sylvia Weinstock

Videographer: HQ Creative

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