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Our Wedding at The Norm
by Peter Giles

In December, Peter and Emilia had a very New York City wedding: City Hall, Brooklyn Bridge, and a yellow cab to Brooklyn Museum - and a wedding at The Norm! We chatted with Peter about their journey to The Norm. 

How did you and Emilia meet?

We met in Turkey about 4.5 years ago both traveling; she was going to Greece and I was going down to southern Turkey. We were in a shared van heading over to our hostels; I had some work stuff to do. We were picking a new logo and I had not a lot of time to pick this logo. I showed it to Emilia and that was the logo we used. 

We went to hamam (Turkish bath) during the day and then went out to dinner. We started texting in Fall and Skyping - and watching Breaking Bad together.

She's Argentinian; I’m from New York. She moved to Chicago with her job, and we were long-distance dating. Finally we moved to Prospect Lefferts Gardens in Brooklyn. 

©Fred Marcus Studio

How did you choose The Norm for the wedding?

We used to always to go brunch there..and when discussing venues said 'Oh wow The Norm! That’d be awesome.' We weren’t really excited about anything and then she mentioned The Norm and we were like 'oh yeah, perfect.' That’s how it all went down. My buddy is an Episcopal minister so he married us in front of everyone.

Our neighborhood has changed a lot but our favorite part is the walk through Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to The Norm on Saturdays and Sundays in Spring or Summer. If anybody comes to visit us we do that. We got passes for everybody to the museum, then met them in The Norm.

©Elena Olivo Photography

What do you remember most about the day? 

How great it was! I was surprised at how it turned out to be such an awesome day - a great group of people; the venue was amazing. We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge (after getting the wedding certificates); then to see the museum and come into a great space like The Norm - how great. The day was one of the best days of my life.

©Elena Olivo Photography

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©Christian Oth Photography/Jessica Sherman Wedding, 2016

Jeannine Grimaldi Wedding, 2017

For info on private events at The Norm and Brooklyn Museum, contact Ali Rea-Baum at 

Slideshow images ©Tiff Pemberton

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