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CPS Events at The Plaza
by Emily Reifel

After countless weddings, Emily Reifel, Plaza wedding guru reached out to Marcy Blum, author and event producer, to get her take on what NOT to do during all stages of your wedding.

What NOT to do when…

…you are at your tasting?

Don’t create a menu solely based on your own taste, think with your guests in mind.  If you don’t like mushrooms, for example, don’t eat them.  It doesn't mean every single item has to be mushroom-less. 

Also, don’t be rude to the chef.  Remember, even if a dish isn't what you had in mind, it can be tweaked or changed (which is why you are having a tasting in the first place) and this person will still be cooking your wedding dinner smile

…you are at your rehearsal dinner?

Obviously, don’t get wasted.  It's no fun being hungover as you walk down the aisle.  By the same token, don't stay out too late, don't eat a lot of salt or fat and don't wear painful shoes.

…dealing with your future mother in law?

Remember she is most likely either a little scared of you or at least uneasy (you've absconded with her son) so no need to rub it in.  Don’t make her feel completely left out of the whole wedding scenario-give her a harmless project (guest room gifts, transportation, etc.) that will keep her happy and not annoy you, and don’t pick fights with her.

…picking out bridesmaids attire?

Don’t be a tyrant. A bridesmaid who feels ugly because you made her wear a lilac tent, or angry because she’s too chesty for the strapless you put her in, is not a fun guest to have at your wedding.  Find several things you like and give them the choice, and if they can’t agree, let them fight it out among themselves, stay out of it- you are the "good cop" in this scenario.

…it’s the big day!?

Don’t only talk to your husband and friends; you are "hosting" this little soiree, act like it!  Don’t obsessively check social media, don’t whine, and don’t ignore your new in-laws.  Don’t forget to thank your parents (or whomever else is in debt for your party), don’t wear makeup that makes you unrecognizable, and don’t spend so many hours taking photos that you are exhausted and droopy by the time the ceremony begins.

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