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Wave Hill: A History
by Beth Kaiserman

Wave Hill is one of GP's popular summer wedding venues and was recently voted NYC's best wedding venue by Curbed. One step into the 28-acre public garden and you feel alive with the hums of nature – far away from the chaotic city streets.

These beautiful fields can inspire you to write a song, a poem or a book. Mark Twain and Teddy Roosevelt lived here among the lush green landscape.

Wave Hill is a serene mecca at the tip top of Riverdale overlooking the Hudson River and Palisades. It's an easy place to fall in love with, said Michael Wiertz, Director of Visitor Services.

"The beauty is you’re so close to the city, but you are far away," he said.

The 100 year-old property was established by William Lewis Morris, who named it Wave Hill and lived there with his family from 1843-1852. Publisher William H. Appleton purchased it in 1865 and used it as a summer residence until 1903. During that time, figures including Teddy Roosevelt and Mark Twain resided there. It was sold to George W. Perkins in 1903, who would go on to expand many NYC parks, starting with Palisades Parkway, ensuring the area remained surrounded by nature.

The Perkins family donated the estate to the City in 1962. It was renamed Wave Hill in 1987. The plethora of plant life remains virtually unchanged since that time. Charles Day, Wave Hill’s Senior Horticultural Interpreter will guide you through the many varietals. With weekend art workshops, excursions and cooking demos, 65,000 annual visitors enjoy the beauty of nature at Wave Hill.

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