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Vanderpump Rules
CPS Events at The Plaza
by Rob Arango

I love my job a the Plaza.  And I love star gazing.  Over the years, I have had the privilege of meeting many A-list Hollywood actors,  entertainers, fashion icons and heads of states.  I say "meeting" as in a brief hello and handshake and maybe a few words exchanged in an elevator or at their table when I have asked how their meal is.  So when I got a chance to actually sit down and chat with one of my favorite Beverly Hills Housewives, I ran to The Plaza Retail shop to get her infamous Pomeranian, Giggy, a stuffed dog bone, and gave his owner, Lisa Vanderpump, a beautiful picture book called "Dogs of Central Park".

I met Lisa aka Pinky at the Champagne Bar with a team of  Plaza PR experts, Mike Warren another Lisa stalker and our Managing Director, George Cozonis.  Lisa looked radiant in an all black wool coat with a pale pink (of course) blouse.  Her hair and makeup were flawless.  She was having a cup of tea when I first said hello and then the ice breaker was, "Where is Giggy?"  "How is Hanky feeling?"—one of her swans who had a stomach bug on the most recent episode.  I had Lisa right there.  She loved that I was so concerned about Hanky.  A devout animal lover—she has 8 dogs, several swans, a mini pony—all on her estate in Beverly Hills. 

I quickly ran through my favorite housewives and my least.  Told her what I thought about a few.  Mentioned several episodes that the ladies bullied her.  Don’t you worry- Lisa is no pushover.  I asked to see her shockingly large rings—no costume jewelry today and the newest collection to her everything pink was a stunning pink and diamond Rolex.  Lastly, I had to mention her closet—I told her it was larger than a one bedroom on the Upper West Side.  

We chatted a bit about manners and the lack of.  She of course is obsessed with Eloise and she wanted to see where her portrait was in the hotel and snagged a photo-op.


Later that night on Live with Andy Cohen she mentioned that when she checked into the Plaza they all asked about how Hanky was feeling—I know she meant to say my name but I prefer to be anonymous.  

I enjoyed reading this article. Light hearted and relatable!

By Rowena on 2016 02 05

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