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UK’S Ottolenghi: Tastespotting
by Mike Deuel, Executive Chef of Catering

Three weeks ago, our Executive Chef of Catering Operations and his wife Anastassia took a long weekend excursion to London.  After scrolling through pictures of gorgeous food, smiling faces, wine, and charming London streets, we asked them to share it with our community!

Tastespotting at London

Mike Deuel, Executive Chef of Catering Operations

“Nothing gets a chefs appetite going but a 6 hour flight overseas. As soon as we got off the plane and made it through customs, we were off to our first dining experience in London, Ottolenghi NopiNopi is a venture by Chef Yotam Assaf Ottolenghi, an Israeli born British Chef known for his palate of flavours being unapologetically bold, or even "noisy." Nopi offers Middle Eastern and Asian-inspired sharing plates in this all-day brasserie. As soon as we got to the restaurant we were greeted by friendly staff and an array of interesting sights and smells.  We got a good spot downstairs in the restaurant, right next to the kitchen, and I took the corner spot so I could watch as much of the action as possible.  The kitchen was jamming, but service was smooth like butter.  I honestly wanted to order everything on the menu but we settled for almost everything….we needed to save room for our next eating destination Ottolenghi Spitalfields, a chic, relaxed, all-day cafe that grabs flavours from around North Africa and the Middle East. What did we eat? Well, here is a partial list:

Mixed Seed Lavosh, burnt spring onion dip

Cecina Smoked Beef, piquillo peppers, crispy garlic

Cod, vadouvan spice, Koji leeks, pickled shiitake

Roasted Aubergine, saffron yoghurt, pomegranate, basil

Courgette and Manouri Fritters, cardamom yoghurt

Roasted Butternut Squash, red onion, tahini, za’atar

Chickpea Pancake, spiced peas, tomato, yuzu salad

Valdeón Cheesecake, pickled beetroot, almonds, thyme honey – thyme honey!

Rainbow Trout, yuzu kosho labneh, smoked bacon, samphire

Truffle Polenta Chips, parmesan, garlic aioli

Roast Okra, chilli, maple, coriandertoasted buckwheat

As we ate our way through Ottolenghi and the rest of London, we stopped at almost every type of interesting food we could find, including an open market full of about 50 different vendors and of course, the English staple, fish and chips.  It was an amazing trip with amazing company (I have to mention my #1, my wife Anastassia) and amazing food.”

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