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Two Chefs, a House, and a Wedding
by Liz Neumark, CEO

When you genuinely care for the people you work with, it’s special. Good things happen.

Mike and Anastassia first noticed each other from a romantic perspective in my NYC kitchen while she was chefing a small dinner for me and he stopped by to make sure it was going smoothly.  The rest is history.  

Except that it almost wasn’t.  You know how men are – a million reasons to procrastinate.  When would he pop the question? It seemed like an eternity...because it was. The question was finally asked and answered, but setting a time and place to tie the knot wasn’t on the front burner (pun intended).  Time passed again.  Destination wedding?  Big Wedding?  Venue?  This year or next year?

Finally,  the solution was an intimate celebration at my home upstate on a late winter Sunday afternoon.  

Mike and Anastassia, with the help of their wonderful families and dear friends, created the most beautiful wedding, accurately reflecting their commitment to one another and capturing the love each guest felt for them.  It was a remarkably mild mid-March day with clear skies, so the ceremony was moved outdoors.  As guests stood gathered around the couple under tall, bare maple trees, Anastassia and Mike exchanged vows guided by Mike’s sister who officiated.   

Naturally, it was delicious, as their closest GP friends, and fellow chefs, helped to execute the menu. The day flew by joyfully.  As the newlyweds drove off, the air was filled with the clanking sounds of baking dishes and kitchen utensils that had been tied to the back of their car.  “Just Married” read the back window.  Like any good dish, it was well worth the wait.

It was a beautiful day! Everything was perfect! Thank you so much for your hospitality!

By Nancy Miller on 2016 05 02

I’m still bummed I couldn’t be there!  I’m loving these pictures though!

Congratulations again guys!

By Stephen Mullins on 2016 05 02

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