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CPS Events at The Plaza
by Emily Reifel

It's not every Sunday I get to see my bride and groom from the night before! Most weekends allow me to sleep in, but definitely not in October! This past Sunday I had another big event but this allowed me to "hang" with the family post wedding! It's such a treat to be able to relish in the memories and just laugh about the day before! I not only got to laugh with Jessica and Rob but also Jessica's amazing parents who I had gotten to know during the past year! Jessica and her mother Jane were such a dynamite duo and it was so much fun to see their "grooms" watch them in their element. It was Jane who I spoke to initially and who I learned quickly was the captain of the wedding planning ship. As a natural leader, Jane was on top of every detail! She was convinced The Plaza was a perfect place for her daughter Jessica's and her soon to be son-in-law, Rob's nuptials - but she knew both the bride and groom would need some convincing! Jane's husband just wanted to keep the peace and make sure the leading ladies in his life were both happy!

When I originally met the whole family, we walked around during a day where I had a fabulous wedding setup and everyone fell not only in love with The Plaza but also the aesthetic of the wedding that night! Not that it was exactly what they wanted, but it conveyed to them that they had the ability to make The Plaza "contemporary and modern" yet still elegant! October 17th was soon signed, sealed, and delivered! Jessica and Rob were so thankful that Jane did the leg work and got them to come in for that appointment!

Next up... the interviews! Who would be the perfect fir to take everyone's ideas and put them together to create a wedding that was very much Jessica and Rob? Jane went with her gut and Jessica trusted her mom's opinion and soon Francesca Abbraciamento was brought on to lasso all the ideas and reign this creative group in!

Marianne Bennett was top priority for nonstop dance party music, DJ Ray Jarrell of Jarrell Entertainment was hired to provide the glorious strings for the ceremony and to keep the party alive at the After Party,  Ira Lippke and his trained team of professional photographers and videographers would capture all the memories and Stephen from SBK had the biggest task of all... to make the Plaza Ballroom look clean, contemporary all while in the realm of elegant!

Throughout the planning process Francesca and her stellar team kept everyone organized, although Jane is a master organizer herself, which was a big help to Jessica!  They bounced ideas off of each other and it was fun to be around.

One of my personal favorite moments of this whole process was when Jane, Jessica and her father David had a brainstorming session surrounding the tasting menu!  We had a great time really honing in on what everyone's likes and dislikes were and how we could get a little creative with our selections.  We also picked out some fun hors d'oeuvres that includes mini fish taco's with mini tequila bottles, mini burger bites with mini coke bottles along with a standard Pigs in the Blanket and even better - as a play on pigs in the blanket, we decided on cute little cookie cutter pigs made of Brown Bread and Salmon!  When it was time for the tasting, everything went off without a hitch and a final menu of a gorgeous Autumn Salad & Black Mission Fig was selected for the appetizer, the entrées were a choice between Branzino and a NY Strip Steak and finished with a parade of mini passed desserts on the dance floor, petit fours and a spectacular cake by legendary cake designer Ron Ben-Israel!

The big day arrived and everyone was buzzing while getting ready!  This was one glamorous crew!  Everyone looked stunning as they all arrived to take family portraits in the Terrace Room. Guests arrived soon and before we knew it it was time for Jessica to meet her handsome Groom under the Chuppah! The Terrace Room had been engulfed in White Orchids set in front of a over sized green box wood hedge that gave the feeling that the ceremony was outside! As soon as Rob kissed his beloved wife Jessica the crowd cheered the new Mrs. & Mrs. Nitkin on!  As they made their way up the Grand Staircase the guests were graced by a collection of portraits that were video-mapped along the walls.  It felt as if they guests were in Jessica and Rob's own home.  It's truly amazing what Bentley Meeker's Lighting/Sound/AV Team is able to create especially when you have clients who are willing to think outside the box.

The Cocktail Hour was a huge hit with our fun hors d'oeuvres and his and hers specialty cocktails with ultra cool ice cubes provided by Fruzen, a new favorite detail of mine!  Then the doors to the Grand Ballroom were opened and guests couldn't believe their eyes!  Stephen from SBK outdid himself and had white orchids hanging over each table from intricate Lucite centerpieces! It perfectly matched Jane and Jessica's vision!  He had also created this marvelous hanging contemporary work of art that hung over the dance floor!  It was made of Lucite tubes with white orchards perfectly but organically placed.  It was truly a modern installation that worked to be one heck of a WOW factor!

Marianne's band started the party right away and kept the dance floor hot all night long! I kept checking in with Jane, David, Jessica and Rob and they all were just pure smiles! And so were the guests!  Speeches were made, the cake was cut and the traditional parents dances took place before the dance party really took off!  Soon it was time to head to the next part of the night!  The AFTER PARTY back in the Terrace Room!  This had been themed Speakeasy and we served all of our cocktails in Tea Cups to really take guests back to the day of prohibition!  They also got to dance to the beats of DJ Ray who knows how to keep a party going while nibbling on mini reubens, mini egg Mcmuffins and French Toast bites! When the party had to end guests picked up their Rob & Jessica personalized copy of the NY Times along with Amy's Bread Scones and Jams by Sarabeth's!

This brings us back to Sunday Morning and it was time for brunch in the Todd English Food Hall! As brunch wrapped up and I went upstairs to check in with everyone I was able to not only indulge in one of the scones but I got to be a part of the post wedding "hang"!  As everyone laughed and reveled in the moment I caught myself feeling extremely lucky to be a part of this moment.  Thank you to Jane, David, Jessica and Robert for letting The Plaza and your whole wedding team play a role in such a fabulous day of your life! We are glad you went with your gut!

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