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The Survival Guide to Gala Season | Great Performances


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The Survival Guide to Gala Season
CPS Events at The Plaza
by Mr. Manners

Here at The Plaza, it’s our favorite time of year again - Gala Season! This year, Mr. Manners has put together a list of tips to survive this season with class and style. Consider this your cheat sheet for all things gala related, especially if you attend multiple galas a week. 

1.  Eat some peanut butter before you put your dress on so you don’t get too hungry.

2.  Be sure to leave your coat in the car so you’re immediately ready for pictures at the step and repeat.

3.  Double check your teeth for no parsley before you hit the red carpet.

4.  Pace yourself; you can arrive in the last 20 minutes of the cocktail hour.

5.  Once you’re there, it is extremely important to stay during all honoree speeches.

6.  If you must leave early, do so during dessert.

7.  If you cannot make a dinner, always send a handwritten note to the person who was kind enough to invite you.

8.  Put yourself in the chairman’s shoes: if you must leave early, you will be chairing your own gala soon!

9.  When you do not have time for your regular hair appointment at Warren Tricomi, go to DejaVous Salon on 56th between 5th and 6th Avenues. They can do absolutely any style in 20 minutes.

10. If you’re cutting it close on time and need to get a manicure, bring your own color to the salon and just do a polish change. This way, by the time you get to the 5th gala, you can fix that chipped nail in the car.

11. Stick with one designer for these events; this way you will ensure your own look.

12. The fish will always be a lighter option than the beef.

13.Have a drink before you go so you have some liquid life in you when you arrive, especially when everyone you know is at cocktail hour.  

14.Guys, the tuxedo should be in your office and you should always have a white shirt - because Mr. Manners says you cannot wear blue after 5:00pm.

15.Don’t worry about the dessert. Enjoy it – life is short.

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