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The Plaza Goes to Astoria!
CPS Events at The Plaza
by Ali Papalia

How many times have you seen a double decker tour bus with international tourists sightseeing New York and wishing you could play hooky and be among them?  When the task to entertain a group of professional event planners was presented, The Plaza knew it was hard to raise the bar and how really to impress them.  I think we rose to the occasion, we hired a double decker bus and told the driver we were Astoria Bound! 

We got on the 59th Street Bridge and couldn’t have been more excited and were quick to distribute the white wine and prosecco splits.  Experiencing the city from the second story of a tour bus is a completely different perspective and you get the chance to learn about your city from another lens – also, it’s an awesome view!

As we were making our way through the many ethnic streets of Astoria with tons of metal around, we all needed to be extra careful to stay in our seats since the metalwork and the traffic lights were within reach!  We ended up taking a wrong turn or two and drove through a few neighborhoods that normally don’t see a double decker bus fly by!  We noticed that there were tons of front yards that had a gorgeous variety of rose bushes, which was so very unexpected for a NYC borough.  The welcomes from the children from each neighborhood were warmer than the next.

Now for the good part – we started to get hungry, and what else were we craving other than some amazing Greek food?! We stopped at BZ Grill for the most delicious gyros with falafel, pork, chicken and more than you could ever imagine – if you haven’t tried it yet, please make your way there, you won’t regret it!

Image Source: BZ Grill

After we had more gyros on delicious warm pita than one should eat in a sitting, we had to make a pit stop at Artopolis Bakery for some traditional Greek pastries that are just to die for – baklava and melomakarona (spiced honey cookies) like you couldn’t believe!  After a few hours of driving around the borough, we made a quick pitstop at Gantry Park in Long Island City to take in the gorgeous views of our city.  After a quick stretch of the legs, it was time to head back to Manhattan, but we had the absolute best time spending time with our colleagues for the night.

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