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The Norm Opens at Brooklyn Museum
by GP Admin

We are so excited about our delicious collaboration with the cutting edge Brooklyn Museum: The Norm, a newly redesigned restaurant on the museum’s ground floor, opening May 19th. The Norm will feature an inviting lounge component, the perfect setting for the convivial consumption of food and drink representative of Brooklyn’s diversity creatively expressed by Chef Saul Bolton.

Renowned architect Anda Andrei, known for shaping Ian Schrager’s stylish hotel empire as well as three contemporary high profile projects, designed the restaurant as a labor of love. The striking design plan, which speaks to The Norm being situated in a museum, begins at the exterior with the door framed in a collage of wooden museum storage crates of various sizes. The main interior wall is a transparent glass storage unit, allowing diners to see out into the museum (and museum patrons to see in), in which a rotating montage of art will be mounted; art that might well have come out of the crates lining the wall across the restaurant. The design is meant to stimulate conversations about art, creativity and collaboration.

Chef Saul Bolton’s menu will encourage a gastronomic exploration of the borough’s multi-culture heritage with offerings ranging from casual snacks to intriguing salads, sandwiches and entrees. The likes of Curried Cauliflower, pecorino sardo, pickled raisins and Chicarones al Pastor, anchos, cumin, garlic, pineapple are among the snacks. Roasted Carrot Salad, bulgur, medjool dates, sumac, spiced yogurt and Eggplant Escabeche, green tahini sauce are representative of the menu’s “garden” section. Entrée highlights include Steamed Blue Hill Bouchot Mussels, shallots, white wine, fresh herb, Free Bird Farms Roast Chicken, mole poblano style, watercress, lemon, cucumbers and Tonkatshu-Style Ramen, pork belly, poached egg, cabbage, mushrooms, scallions. And, of course, there will be a world class hamburger - the Dry Aged Norman Burger, house-made pickles, hand cut fries.

The menu incorporates vegetarian and/or gluten free options and will reflect Great Performances' and Chef Saul's signature of embracing seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients. The food will be complemented by an accessibly-priced wine list and by a beverage program rooted in Brooklyn based breweries and distilleries. Beverage offerings curated by artists who have a special affinity for and knowledge of spirits will be incorporated.

Artists will also curate The Norm’s music playlist as another means of connecting the museum to the restaurant, which is named after Brooklyn Museum Trustee Norman Feinberg, who donated the funds needed to re-imagine the former Saul’s space.

The Norm will be open from 11 a.m. Thursday through Sunday and will be available for private events. The restaurant’s 80 seats will be augmented during the warmer months by another 55 on the outdoor terrace overlooking the Museum’s Sculpture Garden and Biergarten.

Looking forward to visiting in May. Does one RSVP?

By nora gorman on 2016 05 02


Very exciting news indeed!
Kindly advise how one can attend the grand opening on May 19 at BKM.

Would appreciate any intel on it x

My very best,
Jen R

By Jenifer Reck on 2016 05 12

Yes,Nora! All guests are able to make reservations at

Jennifer, no need to do anything special for May 19th. It will simply be the first day that The Norm is open. You can make a reservation if you’d like to secure a table.

Hope to see you both at The Norm soon! 

By AmeliaR on 2016 05 18

Overwhelmingly positive experience last night!  In Boerum Hill Brooklyn, we were sad when Saul closed his Michelin starred restaurant on Smith St. and moved to the Brooklyn Museum and disappointed at the initial results.  Brava to new director Anne Pasternak who engaged the brilliant Liz Neumark and team to bring out the genius of chef Saul Bolton and also to create a fun and interesting museum café with clever artist-commissioned sandwiches.
A thoroughly enjoyable experience at a great museum.

By Susan Ball on 2016 08 05

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