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The GP Guide to Gifting
by Jennifer Baughman, Community Manager

What should you give this season that is equal parts thoughtful, useful, unique, and fun? Your seasonal dilemma starts to rear it’s ugly head today, but can be staved off with some certified GP guidance! Behold - a distilled list of fantastic, under-the-radar gift ideas. 

The Local Foods Wheel


We have readers as far as Japan and Australia, so visit their site to choose your specific region! The Local Foods Wheel is a woman-owned, sustainability focused business founded in 2006 producing Interactive tools and beautiful prints of the foods that are farmed and foraged where you live. A fantastic reference guide and cute, tasteful wall ornament for your kitchen to help you decide what to shop for and prepare that’s in season and within region!

The Feed Bag


FEED asks, can a bag change a life? Put simply, yes. Each purchase of a FEED bag directly corresponds to a number of meals provided in food insecure communities in Colombia, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Kenya, Mexico and Peru. The artisan-made FEED products are also produced within these communities to provide sustainable livelihoods to underserved populations.

What is the lasting effect of your purchase? When children are given school meals in these communities, attendance doubles and performance greatly improves. Girls with just a few years of education have fewer children, have them later in life and are better prepared to care for and educate them. For many children, a school lunch is the only meal they receive all day. Over 95 billion meals have been provided by FEED’s efforts since Lauren Bush started the organization in 2007.

FEED also provides Vitamin A supplements, micronutrient servings for mothers and their children, and ARV drugs with their product sales.

Local Pottery from artist Kristy King. Available locally at The Norm in Brooklyn Museum, Kristy's pottery reflects the environment in which she works. Traveling from Alaska to Florida has produced an array of styles, but now she is settled in our own Katchkie Farm in Kinderhook, New York! 


MCNY's shop features all things New York Classical, including this touching calendar of early photos that shows us in our roaring, scrappy, earnest, fledgling days as a city. Photographers include the Wurtz Brothers, Frederic Lewis, Edwin Levick, and Jessie Tarbox Beals. MCNY's new exhibition, The Core, is a truly incredible presentation of old and current New York, featuring artifacts from the 1900's, life and culture statistics of the present, and interactive tech attractions with fascinating and engaging history - photos just don't do it justice, be sure to check it out if you intend to visit the shop!

The Pad of Butter Notepad

The stocking stuffer you actually need (to replace your fleeting yet euphoric affair with a PEZ dispenser). Liz set this on my desk with the note “Another gift idea!” and there it remained for three weeks as we gathered more, and I’ll say that I must have received a dozen comments along like, “You have a stick of butter in here? Oh wait. OH HOW CUTE IT’S A NOTEPAD!”

Get rid of the junky clutter of office note pads in your kitchen and add a touch of charming décor.

The Eco Water Spout,

and other attachments. We have all learned the importance of the three R’s – “reduce, reuse, and recycle!” Made of recycled plastic, the spout is a screw cap attachment for your leftover water bottles to turn them into cute watering cans. Decorate at will!

The Herb Zipper

LIFE HACK ALERT! How should we phrase this – hm, “Make fresh herb prep a joyous and breezy task with this genius combination of an expert precision stripping tool and leaf catching measuring cup!” In the kitchen, efficiency is king.

The Ice Ball

Be a grown up and serve up something special!

Anne Riggs Reusable Bowl Covers

In life, sustainability is king. Get rid of your oily, tomato sauce stained Tupperware and replace with these cute nesting bowl covers. Machine washable? Of course. Customizable? You bet. Your holiday leftovers-stocked fridge can still look clean and appealing.

From our friends at Wave Hill, we suggest a selection of unique kitchen items available within their gift shop that might not be on your radar, but make for beautiful gifts. Below are a few favorites from Jenah Barry, Wave Hill’s buyer.


An elegant Marble Cheeseboard with wood inlay ($50) paired with copper and wood cheese hostess set ($60). 

Rolling Pins handcrafted from cherry and walnut in Vermont – both traditional and modern ($70 – 85)

Copper and Plum bowls by Hawkins New York – creators of Modern home design based in upstate Hudson, NY ($30 – 80)

Shop open Tuesday through Sunday, 10AM−4PM, or call 718.549.3200 x249 to place an order!

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