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The Duchess Effect
CPS Events at The Plaza
by Plaza PR

Gearing up for The Royal Wedding, The Plaza invites patrons to emulate the style, poise and grace of one of the world’s most famous women, The Duchess.  In this course, attendees will learn a variety of skills that Meghan Markle is expected to know as she takes her place in the Royal Family

- Royal etiquette

- British & American dining etiquette

- Social Graces – Do’s and don’ts of a royal catch

- Princess poise – perfect posture and deportment instruction

- Tea, coffee and cocktail etiquette

- Get the look – fashion, image and style tips

- Master social networking

- Making an entrance – Learn to gracefully walk, talk through any situation

- Hostess 101 – How to be the perfect hostess in any situation

- Getting in and out of cars correctly

- Develop confidence and strong communications skills

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