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Super Bowl Snack Bracket
by Assistant Event Director and Pizza Fanatic, Emily Giove

Struggling to narrow down your Super Bowl snack menu?  This year, we polled our entire GP team to determine the ultimate party treats, via a 16-“team” bracket of our tried-and-true recipes.

Pitting favorites like our Bob-a-Que-doused chicken wings against never-fail Edamame Guac certainly ruffled some feathers around the office.  Zucchini Chips were among those who didn’t make it past the first round, with Spicy Golden Beet Dip claiming a landslide victory right out of the gate. The face-off between Spicy Black Bean Burgers and Crème Fraîche Onion Dip was more of a nail-biter, with dip ultimately edging out burger when there were just seconds left on the clock.

The final matchup between Jalapeño Poppers and Chard & Artichoke White Pizza was one for the ages.  GP-ers were almost evenly divided – and equally adamant – about which team would take home the trophy.  Both were armed with the one major asset needed to seal the deal: hot, gooey cheese. Yes, these are the competitions sports fanatics dream of.

Alas, after a contentious battle extending into overtime, PIZZA emerged victorious this year, and the crowd exploded!!! The grand prize bestowed upon this exciting new champion is inclusion on our menu at GP HQ for team lunch next week.

So, which dish gets your vote?  Comment below for a chance to win some Katchkie Farm salsa for your Super Bowl entertaining needs!  Feel free to submit any of your own recipes for consideration in next year’s GP snack bracket. 

In the meantime, click on any of our 16 teams in this bracket to view ingredients and cooking instructions.  We wish everyone a delicious Super Bowl Sunday!

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