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Dreaming of Summer at Katchkie Farm | Great Performances


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Dreaming of Summer at Katchkie Farm
Katchkie Farm
by Zach Reif, Sustainability Manager

As frigid January drags into MORE frigid February, it’s hard not to dream of summer. (Punxsutawney Phil—you BETTER not see that spiky little shadow!)

Close your eyes and imagine this: it’s a late afternoon in early July. Even though the sun is beginning to descend, it’s still shining brightly, illuminating the surrounding scenic Hudson Valley farmland. It’s that time of day where the green vegetation looks even greener, where the sky is such a pristine shade of blue, you could mistake it for a beautiful painting. Nearby, the tall, golden sunflowers gently sway in the wind. The same breeze flows through your hair, sending a slight shiver down your spine.

In the greenhouse: serenity. The ripe tomatoes, in various shades of yellow, orange and red, hang on their vines. You pick a small cherry tomato and pop it in your mouth. As you bite through the skin, the tomato explodes. The sweet, herbaceous juices take over your mouth, making you salivate. It’s a familiar taste--its’ the taste of summer.

Anyway, in honor of summer dreaming, on such a winter’s day, check out some of my favorite scenes from this past season at Katchkie Farm. Also, don’t forget to sign up for your CSA share! 


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