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Spring Menu
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by Mark Russell, Executive Chef de Cuisine

It’s just after 5am and it’s still dark. But soon asparagus will poke their tips up through the topsoil, scallions will float on gently simmering broth and tiny little roots, sweet peas and greens will brighten up the market.

This past season left us with a bumper crop of cabbage, rendered into sauerkraut and kimchi, overwintered spinach from our greenhouse, and a cornucopia of peppers both fiery and sweet, used to slowly ferment hot sauce in tiny little glass bottles.

It’s been a season of reflection with friends and colleagues at the gathering table.

This spring we explore the potato’s infinite versatility. What’s old is new again with potatoes prepared in almost every way - and ideas on how to rework old family favorites.

Our Potato "Bellows," a glorified tater tot, stands tall and mysterious on the plate. Is it a mushroom? A sea urchin? Crispy and creamy, it’s the perfect pairing, forked into the silky gravy underneath.

A twice-baked potato, filled with cheese fondue, is lightened with coins of roasted carrots, asparagus and peas. A steakhouse side, beautified.

Pommes Dauphine, crispy nuggets of puffed potato, provide a delicate counterpoint to a spring vegetable ragout and cauliflower veloute.

We'll revisit old classics as small bites. A warm potato cup filled with creamed spinach, topped with sliced steak. Chicken Schnitzel, crisp pillows of breast meat, topped with refreshing raspberry and apple sauerkraut. Sunday Pot Roast, but not like your mother’s, perhaps like you would find at your favorite Kansas City bar.

As with every season we look for more sustainable practices. We introduce underutilized and sustainable farmed barramundi and drum fish: small fillets, flaky and sweet, with a clean ocean flavor.

Grains could save the world you know. We’re incorporating sorghum, quinoa and millet into new hearty dishes. We roll grains into our Green Roll for a small, satisfying bite.  A Millet Chickpea Cake with Spicy Green Sauce and Spring Ragout makes a substantial and meaty vegetarian alternative.

We are ready to Spring forward!

See our Spring menu here.

Photos ©Amanda Gentile

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