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Spring Eats 2017
by Mark Russell, Executive Chef de Cuisine

Local Growers, Global Trends and Community

This past seasons tumultuous events have given pause only briefly to a dedicated crew of chefs, farmers, party planners, activists and community educators, in a never ending cycle of craft and service.

As we gain our footing in what is sure to be an interesting next few years, we push forward with our menus, research and development.

Our focus this coming season continues with ambitious planting schedule up at Katchkie, round table discussions with farmer Bob and the GP chefs, field trips to local farms and growers with Stefani Zaitz, our new Sustainability Coordinator, and junkets with our chef team to Kalustians. Always hungry for the next global trend. Middle Eastern grains, southeast Asian street food, African heat and spice, and our southern neighboring chilies.

Mushroom stems, chicken trim, salmon belly, a bumper crop of cabbage. Tomatoes in such excess, we run out of preservation ideas. Oven dried, oil cured, all-purpose marinara, tomato soup. Clear gazpacho, tomato vinaigrette, tomato jam, ketchup, and pesto. Tomato, tomato. Sauerkraut, kimchi, beer braised cabbage.

This exercise we go thru at GP every growing season to put into our menus what we plant in our fields, sets not just our work schedule but the "bar" from which we measure our commitment to our farm and CSA, To our community thru sustainability practices but also to our cafes, restaurants, and our catering company with delicious food.

This coming season, look for our Rueben fritter made from Katchkie sauerkraut, a porcupine chicken meatball, salmon rillet and pesto palmier all made from the trim and scrap in our day to day production.

We will have a Whole Head Vegetable Carvery Station, utilizing as much of the plant as possible. Portions of protein will be moving into second place as craft, texture and flavor takes center of the plate with vegetable, sauces and grains.

i am always so impressed by the imagination and breathe of taste you come up with every time i get an email from you i am blown away thank you so much for your artistry renee

By renee leicht on 2017 03 01

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