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Shine Bright Like A Diamond
CPS Events at The Plaza
by Emily Reifel

I love Indian weddings! You’ve heard me say it before but the energy, the colors, and the food – it just all gets me excited! I have been working to build relationships within this great community and had the pleasure of working with a fantastic couple, Shivani and Sid on their wedding.

When I met them, I felt like I already knew them because I had met Shivani's brother in the past and he was so excited that we could all work together now. Their family is in the jewelry business and they were all so thrilled to have a sparkly and colorful Plaza Wedding! Shivani and Sid along with every member of their family are super positive and laid back people. They just wanted to have a good time and keep things simple! No fuss! This clearly makes the planning process fun and enjoyable for all. I told Shivani my love for the Indian culture and she immediately said she was going to India soon and that she was going to get Kelsey and I gorgeous sari's to wear on the wedding day! It was so generous and she was just bursting at the seams to tell us.  Her personality just radiates sunshine and we were obviously so excited to be included. When she returned and brought us the outfits we were over the moon. Shivani had selected this bright orange and gold sari and mine was blue and purple with a pink scarf. Naturally, they were decked out with gold heading and sparkly thread. They were just exquisite in every way and were definitely on point with our skin tones and personal style.

Shivani was so relaxed in the planning process that we waited until a few weeks before the wedding to tie everything together. She reminded me that her family has done this before! The day of the wedding began and everyone was so relaxed and so happy! Soon it was time for the traditional Bharaat, so we got the white horse all ready for Sid's big arrival. The guests arrived to Grand Army Plaza and the drummers began and off Sid went glowing on top of his horse and ready to see his bride. Typically the bride doesn't take part in the Bharaat at all, but we made sure Shivani had a secret seat in the distance and the look on her face was priceless. Her Indian prince was in his glory!

Soon the guests moved up the Terrace Room and waited for the ceremony to begin. Shivani and Sid first exchanged floral garlands before the family walked down the aisle. Shivani was glowing as much as the Terrace Room with the Traditional Mandap with its gold accents.

As the ceremony wrapped up guests made their way to the cocktail hour where Vinnie Kumar of Tandoor Catering had traditional Indian buffet stations that filled both the Centennial Foyer and Grand Ballroom Foyer! Shivani and Sid went to change from their more traditional ceremony outfits to their reception attire. Sid changed into a gorgeous black tuxedo and Shivani wore the prettiest pink and blue pastel Lengha I had ever seen.  As the best Indian DJ in the business, DJ Suhel announced the family into the Grand Ballroom, the guests went crazy! Shivani and Sid flew through their adorable choreographed first. They were so nervous! Everyone loved it and you could definitely tell they were in their element!

Shivani had told me that they wanted to get all the formalities of the wedding done quite early in the night so we went through speeches quickly while Vinnie Kumar had prepared the most glorious buffet dinner. It was so lovely, the food was delicious and people were happy and relaxed! Speeches and toasts were made, the bride and groom cut their stunning and gold adorned cake and finally it was time to dance! DJ Suhel is always a pleasure to work with and he knows how to keep a crowd and dance floor happy! Shivani and Sid were smiling the whole night! It was just what they wanted, a shiny, sparkly perfect Plaza Wedding!

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