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Shaun Roberts Wedding
by Shaun Roberts

One of our long-standing GP family members, Shaun Roberts, just got married and he chose us to cater the special day! We caught up with him to find out how it felt to finally be on the other side of a GP wedding. 

Give a bit of your GP history! How long have you worked at GP and how has your position evolved over the years?

“I started 13 years ago - almost to the day of the wedding! I was an actor who was supplementing my career with catering jobs. Then, the Assistant Manager position opened up at Asia Society and I took it. After working there a while, I became the Venue Manager.  Two years later, I moved to BAM and was the Venue Manager there for four years. I transitioned to the GP sales team five years ago. This certainly gave me a shorthand for creating an event; how to take a venue from a blank slate to wedding-ready!"

How did you meet your partner?

“I had an opportunity to be Manager of Patina at Tanglewood, and a friend I met while working there, Amy, said “I know your future husband!” That was Matthew, my now husband! Amy was our officiant at the wedding.”

What essential tips have you learned about wedding planning from planning so many during your career at GP?

“I actually found out that there were things I couldn’t prepare myself for in reality. Below are a few of those:

  1. It goes by far too quickly. Even though you think you know the ins and outs of your wedding, you won’t get to experience everything during the actual event.

  2. You won’t have time to eat. Unless someone put it in my hand during the wedding, I didn’t eat it.

  3. I really tried to prepare myself for letting go because I’ve seen so many stressed wedding couples in the past. Yet, I became subject to worrying during my own wedding as well.

Point is, no matter how many brides and grooms you see throughout the years, you can still become subject to the same obstacles as they did!  

Some things that my experience planning weddings did, in fact, help me with:

  1. I had a clear vision of what I wanted to create because I extracted my favorite moments from all of the events that I had done in the past and brought these elements into my own wedding.

  2. I understand how to create the right flow and plan for a good guest experience, i.e.  not spending too much time on one thing and not enough on another.”

Where was the wedding held?

Gary’s Loft. I love this venue because the team is great to work with, the location is central and under the Empire State Building, and it feels very cozy and comfortable. However, it is spacious enough to hold 150 of your nearest and dearest!”

Was anyone from the GP family in attendance?

"Yes, GP was certainly well represented at the wedding!"

Did any of the GP family help with the wedding planning? If so, what did they do?

“I relied heavily on the GP design team to support with creative ideas and signage. And Mack, our amazing Sanit Captain, helped us build the chuppah!"

On to the fun stuff….What was on the menu? How did you decide on this menu?

My partner, Matt, is British, and we wanted to serve our favorite foods and foods that reflected where we are from. I did one station that was called “The American Dinner Table,” which was set like a dining table and had an American feast on it, such as Roasted Chicken and Pumpkin Ravioli. Then, for Matt’s station, we did British take out, such as Chicken Tikka Masala and Maine Lobster Rolls. Since New York is our home, we had the NY Steakhouse station to represent a place where we both live.

Which item on the menu did you like best?

The portobello cannoli was my favorite!

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