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Setting The Table
Company News
by Shaynee Scott, Design Operations Manager & Jennifer Baughman, Community Manager


1. Visit your local farmer's market for a unique and seasonal bouquet. The gorgeous vegetable bouquet we feature was five dollars at the Union Square Farmer's Market!

2. Don't be afraid to mix n' match. Alternating napkin colors and textiles, flatware, and glassware can offer interesting details to your table and make it more homey. 

3. Herb napkin rings. Take a sprig of holly branch, rosemary, or thyme and wrap it around your napkin folds with gold or twine, or simply tuck it into the ring for added aroma, texture, and color. 

4. Himalayan pink sea salt instead of or in addition to plain white. It adds glamour and color, plus has a handful of health benefits.

5. Don’t forget the Candles – alternating heights always look beautiful, on the table or in the window, if your table is too full of goodies. 

6. Not everyone will indulge in spirits and wine, have a punch bowl or pitcher of mocktails prepared. 

7. Hand written place cards are lovely and personal, they make coming to your seat at the table feel special. 

8. Ice cubes!  Have fun making them – use giant cube trays, they will be noticed!  Freeze something in the center like pomegranate seeds, holly berries, or rosemary sprigs this time of year.

9. Whimsical salt and pepper sellars – you can use an unconventional item (think seashells) or something vintage and cool. 

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