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Seasonal Recipes from Our Chefs
by GP Chefs

It's officially the beginning of summer and, with that, comes an abundance of bright, local produce. Along with the longer days and warmer weather, the diverse harvest that June brings is always what we're most anxious to have once again. Thus, we're not wasting any time in finding fresh ways to showoff the stunning fruits and vegetables in our cooking. As a starting point, we reached out to our venue chefs to see how they'll be using June's harvest in their recipes. 

Chef David Heredia of Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola quickly suggested the Dizzy's Spring Cobb Salad, a new favorite on the café's menu. This recipe highlights mesclun that is now growing insatiably, including at our very own Kathckie Farm. This recipe adds a dose of fresh air to the normal cobb salad with a beet-stained hardboiled egg and ranch dressing chockfull of spring herbs. 

From our resident BK chef, Saul Bolton, we received a pickling recipe. The great thing about pickling is that it's a cooking technique that you can utilize throughout the year. At The Norm, Chef Saul serves a pickle plate that changes based on what's available locally at the moment. Right now the pickle plate is piled high with shimeji mushrooms, ramps, fiddleheads and radishes! However, as the seasons continue to change, these pickling recipes can be used with other vegetables as well. 

We know that it isn't quite eggplant season but we couldn't help but include The Norm's Japanese Grilled Eggplant, which is already a hit on the recently-opened restaurant's menu. To be truly seasonal, save this recipe until late July and August when you can use local eggplant. 

Garden Court Café Chef Litesh Hosabettu provided us with one of his favorite local fish recipes: Pan-Seared Montauk Striped Bass with Baby Yu Choy, Water Chestnuts and Warm Soy Chili Yuzu. June is a perfect time to experiment with greens like yu choy as well as lettuces.

We thought it'd be best to end on a sweet note, so lastly a recipe for Rhubarb Cobbler with Roasted Strawberries from the GP kitchen.

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