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Saving Our Four Legged Friends for Over Twenty Years
by Rob Arango

The Plaza Hotel has been home to the ASCPA Bergh Ball for over eight years.  This extraordinary organization works to rescue animals from abuse, pass laws for rightful treatment while providing shelters of thousands of homeless animals. We went to some of our clients, board members, and planners and asked them to share a little something about their beloved pets. 

“Jasper is Molly's sidekick! Our four year old rescue - he's the court jester! He thinks his role in life is to make us laugh and he does! He misses nothing and is probably the smartest dog we've ever had! The two of them are the loves of our life! Molly, our ten year old rescue, is a sweet girl! She knows when you need some quiet time with her and is also happy to play and run huge circles on our lawn in the country. You can tell everything about her in her eyes! She's the true meaning of love!”

-  Linda Lambert, Board Chair of the ASPCA Gala

“Sweet William was a skinny rescue when I got him several years ago. I named him after a character in an old English folk song, but it was a good pick. He is sweet, and a faithful companion. He greets me every morning with purrs and is at the door when I come in at night. The minute I sit down, he’s on my lap. He’s also a gentleman. When the rescue service which saved him asked if I would take two 10 year old sisters who had been left with them, Willie was great. And ‘‘the girls” were happy to see him. Every animal has a distinct personality and adds humor, warmth and a great need for brushing hair off your clothes. There are many needs in the world, but I think saving a few stray cats at a time is worthy and rewarding. Every time I see Willie blissfully asleep on the couch, I have to smile.”  

-  Peg Breen, President of The New York Landmarks Conservancy

“When I adopted Jim, he brought a center and a calm to my life that I hadn't known in a long time. He constantly reminds me to run as fast as I can to chase the prize but that it's also okay not to chase the prize at all - to just stop and take a nap or just drop the prize and go another direction. Life will go on. Jim also brings laughter and a joy into my life that I can't imagine who I'd be without having known him. I don't love the word "pet" for him because he's become so much more to me.  He's a life force, sometimes to be reckoned with, and all times to be celebrated and revered.”

-  David Beahm, Founder of David Beahm Design

“Ruckus is my 12 year old fawn colored Boston Terrier. When I first got Ruckus, her demeanor was so incredibly gentle in comparison to my existing older Fawn colored Boston Terrier named Hurricane. Everyone was scared that Hurricane would hate her, but it turned out that she only brought out the best in him as she currently does for everyone that meets her. Ruckus goes to work with me every day, she keeps our priorities straight, our blood pressures down and most of all with just a glance at her she will touch your heart in an everlasting way. She is my touchstone, my rock and simply the best relationship I have ever had! All hail Miss Ruckus!”

-  Jes Gordon, Founder of jesGORDON/properFUN

“I love that Cleo knows what she wants.  I love that she has dignity.  And I love that she is a dog with a presence.  Almost more than anything, I love that when she prances ahead of me down the street, she puts a smile on every face. Above all, I love that deep pensive sigh that she lets out from time to time. It is a human sigh.”

-  George Cozonis, General Manager of The Plaza Hotel

“Stella and Tessa are the German Shorthair Pointer loves of my life. These dogs are known to be the number one bird hunters and retrievers. I have enjoyed watching Stella and Tessa zero in and point in Riverside Park close to my home. Although they have not caught a bird in Riverside Park, I do take them upstate with me on the weekends. One weekend while visiting Liz Neumark’s Katchkie Farm, Tessa noticed a chicken enjoying their day outside of the coop. Within seconds, Tessa retrieved the chicken and Katchkie Farmer Bob decided to have chicken soup for dinner that night. The chicken was not the winner in this story but the loyalty and respect that Tessa’s catch showed me is the reason I love my two German Shorthair Pointers so much, and why they make me feel like a winner each day.”

-  Rob Arango, Director of Client Development at CPS Events at The Plaza

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