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Roth Bar at Hauser & Wirth
by Amelia Redgrift, Director of Communications at Hauser & Wirth

We are pleased to announce we have joined the enigmatic team at Hauser & Wirth to launch a new cultural center venue for our farm-to-table fare, and the space is incredible. 

Located at the temporary downtown New York City home of international gallery Hauser & Wirth, the Roth Bar is a specially-crafted liquor and coffee bar made from locally sourced salvaged materials, designed by Björn, Oddur and Einar Roth, son and grandsons of German-born Swiss artist Dieter Roth.


Oddur, Einar and Bjorn Roth. Photo: Bjarni Grímsson

‘The bar’ was a concept first conceived by Dieter Roth in the early 1980s as a dynamic and changing art installation. In 1997, as a condition of his exhibiting with Hauser & Wirth, Dieter Roth insisted that a bar form part of his first show with the gallery. With the assistance of his son Björn, Roth installed the functional ‘Roth-Bar 2’ around the corner from the gallery in Zurich. Every beer bottle served became part of the installation and visitors’ conversations were recorded and archived. The Roth Bar has now become a continuing element in the Roths’ cross-generational practice, and various versions have sprung up across the globe. The New York iteration of this artwork-cum-bar was initially created for the inaugural exhibition at Hauser & Wirth 18th Street, and has been enlarged and updated by its creators and reinstalled at 548 22nd Street for the next two years. 

We are beyond excited to partner with Hauser & Wirth for the duration to offer a menu fashioned from locally-sourced ingredients at the Roth Bar! Among other items we currently are featuring a seasonal chicken pot pie with local carrots and leeks, a caramelized brussels sprouts salad with forest mushrooms and whole grain mustard vinaigrette, and homemade sodas with cardamom and orange ginger. 


Roth Bar cafe space and Bjorn. Photo: Bjarni Grímsson

The gallery’s current temporary home in Chelsea is a beautiful four-story masonry structure that hosted Dia Art Foundation’s exhibitions from 1987 to 2004. Alongside multiple exhibition spaces and the Roth Bar, the site houses Hauser & Wirth Publishers’ first dedicated bookshop, offering an extensive collection of monographs, artists’ books, historic exhibition catalogues, collections of artists’ writings, and catalogues raisonnés.

This spring, the 22nd Street gallery is presenting Hauser & Wirth’s first-ever exhibition with American artist Jack Whitten (26 January – 8 April 2017), and ‘Serialities’ (15 February – 8 April 2017), an exhibition investigating photography’s relationship to sculpture and drawings where the notion of seriality and repetition is explored. 

Focused on a core belief in conservation, education, community and sustainability, food comprises a central element to the experience of Hauser & Wirth’s galleries. The art centers in Los Angeles and Somerset both comprise a restaurant – the Roth Bar & Grill in Somerset combines gastronomy with contemporary art and serving honest, simple and seasonal food, and Manuela restaurant in DTLA offers a menu influenced by Chef Wes Whitsell’s culinary roots and upbringing in rural North Texas, highlighting artisanal techniques including in-house smoking, fermenting, preserving and pickling.


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