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Repeat Roses x The Plaza
CPS Events at The Plaza

A rose is not just a rose at The Plaza…

Thanks to a partnership with Repeat Roses, clients hosting meetings and celebrations at the hotel can opt to repurpose their event florals and have them delivered to those in need in the New York City area.

Repeat Roses is a socially innovative business that works by collecting event florals that would otherwise end up in the trash, restyling the florals into multiple, smaller arrangements suitable for patient bedside tables and delivering the refreshed blooms to local organizations such as hospitals, nursing homes, shelters and cancer treatment centers. Once the flowers are enjoyed the second time around, Repeat Roses reclaims the floral waste for composting and the vases are recycled. The sustainable service enables socially-conscious couples and corporations the opportunity to pay-it-forward while seamlessly converting disposal problems into earth- and tax-friendly benefits. It’s a triple win designed to provide a beautiful solution to an ugly waste problem.

This is such an amazing business and we are so excited to announce that we will be working with them!

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