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Reinventing The Wheel
by Jennifer Baughman, Community Manager

Has New York already said everything that needs to be said about donuts? Even if we narrow the timeline to 2017 conversations only, we hit some pretty far reaching territory about reinventing the wheel. Sushi donuts, alcoholic donuts, grilled cheese donuts, spaghetti donuts, Kendell Jenner’s donuts, Krispy Kreme’s Marathon donuts, Wylie Dufresne’s donuts…oh man, Du’s Donuts is officially open by the way.

I submit to you another donut story, on the eve of National Donut Day, where the original reasons we fell in love with it are unchanged in it’s arc. These donuts are still a fried ring of dense dough that fits in one hand, frosted with sugary bright color – no benefit of rooibos tea antioxidants, nor a savory element of tahini and cumin; no lavender lace or dulce and maple flowers. Simply donuts. Step, bite, and repeat.


 “Kill me now and let heaven look like this,” said a woman with short auburn hair in a navy blazer as she approached the donut step and repeat wall. When unveiling a rebranding, remember these two things: you’re celebrating, and people love donuts.

We recently worked with our client on this idea of the edible step and repeat, Instagram-moment model. They had a new color scheme they wanted to unveil at the event and decided that instead of displaying it with a repetition of their logo, we would let the donuts do the talking (finally). They sent us their seven new logo colors and once replicated in our kitchen in frosting, what came out was a beautiful, kind of Warhol-mod polka pattern. Interactive marketing is always reinventing the wheel, and remembering that our culture is a food loving one invested in satisfying whimsical nostalgia and cravings, is a good place to begin.


Another example is the Filling Station, made especially for donut holes. We created a variety of flavored fillings for plain, savory, or sugared donut holes! 


We absolutely LOVE donuts in all shapes and sizes, and have alot of fun playing with hot to decorate them to fit the tone of the event. From apple cider donuts to galaxy donuts, to a donut tower wedding cake, see some of our favorite images below!




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