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Romantic Recipes for Valentine’s Day
by Beth Kaiserman

Tasty Tale

Morgan Golumbuk, Catering Sales Manager

Recipe: Black and White Cookies

I am not someone who cooks frequently. I don't find it therapeutic, rarely have the time, and my prewar apartment, while romantically "old world New York" in theory, leaves much to be desired in the realm of viable workspace (not to mention the heightened potential for unexpected rodent company).

I started making black-and-white cookies one day on a whim. I prefer my cookies classically - some might say comically - large. I bake them on both racks of my minuscule oven, cool them on my counters and bedside table, and spend the large part of an hour making sure the icing ratio is exactly one half rich chocolate to one half creamy vanilla. After meticulously molding these six glorious Geminis, I'm naturally a bit picky about who I dole them out to; these are my labor of love we're talking about here.

A little over a year ago, I brought one to a chef I was seeing. Letting an industry professional and potential love interest taste the only food item of which I was reasonably proud certainly gave me butterflies, and I was terrified that he would find them lacking. This gesture, while not overtly romantic, stemmed from a willingness to be vulnerable around someone new, and from the desire to share something I had worked hard to make.

"You made this?" he asked, splitting it evenly so that we both got half of each flavor. "It's delicious." I beamed with pride, and felt justified in reserving one of my labors of love for someone who recognized and appreciated its intimate significance. I guess you can find a little "old world New York" romance in my kitchen after all.

Tasty Tips

Leticia Santana, Kitchen Administrator for Venues

Recipe: Rhythm of My Heart Breakfast

This is my favorite Valentine's Day breakfast. It's a heart-healthy breakfast treat!

Justin Schwartz, Production Sous Chef

Recipe: Flower-Infused Prosecco and Ricotta Gnocchi

I like to infuse prosecco with flowers. I’ll take some organic roses or whatever is fresh and edible and use them to make a simple syrup and flavor my prosecco, maybe breaking off a couple petals to garnish the table around the glass. I’ll pair this with something light like a fluffy ricotta gnocchi, parmesan broth or pesto and lemon and some fresh veggies.

Anna Kosa, Executive Pastry Chef

Recipe: Rose Water Panna Cotta

This panna cotta features both lovely rose petals and rose water, perfect for a romantic evening.

Rob Valencia, Executive Chef of Catering Production

Recipe: Roast Chicken

With all the 'Engagement Chicken' recipes and top roast chicken lists floating around, it appears that the way to one’s heart is through a crispy buttery Sunday dinner favorite.

While perfect for Valentine’s Day (and any other romantic occasion), it’s definitely been a favorite for us to pour a glass of Côtes du Rhône, slow down and savor each other’s company before the start of the work week.

Forrest Redden, Event Captain

Recipe: Norwegian Cabbage Rolls

A traditional and delicious winter time dish that looks impressive and is fun to make!

Mike Deuel, Executive Chef of Catering Operations:

Recipe: A Lady from Lima Sighs

I like watching people eat this and seeing their eyes roll back into their heads and a dropping jaw. It’s perfect for a Valentine’s Day dinner.

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