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Project Farmhouse
Company News
by Ishi Sahni, GrowNYC's Director of Development

What Is Project Farmhouse? 

It is a sustainability and education center for New Yorkers to participate in a range of free and affordable programming and will provide access to a state-of-the-art space for events. It is located a few blocks from Union Square at the back of the Hyatt Hotel. It has been in the works since 2014 but we began planning earlier this year. We are now halfway through our campaign and getting ready to announce it publicly. The fundraising goal to build and program the site for the first year is $750,000 of which the group has raised $400,000. Sponsors and individual donors can learn more at

Project Farmhouse is an opportunity to provide free programming to New Yorkers as well as give GrowNYC space to execute and expand our educational workshops and training programs. We are thrilled to offer chef-led classes and food demonstrations, like the ones at the greenmarkets, as well as create a community for all ages around a range of free and affordable workshops, exhibits and hands-on youth education. GrowNYC recently moved and lost almost all of its communal space used for trainings and public workshops; we are really excited to have all of our trainings and workshops under one roof. The space itself provides passive education - everything from a hydroponic growing wall to salvaged farmhouse beams to an induction powered demonstration kitchen and responsive lighting. This will be a public center for learning and exploration. With Project Farmhouse, we are excited to offer our training programs and workshops all year-round. 

What Is the Project Farmhouse Installation?

Anyone walking through the Union Square Greenmarket starting November 14 will be in for a surprise, a giant orange arch made of lightweight materials including 400 cardboard tubes will be cited at the iconic market. The arch, itself an interactive experience, is GrowNYC's way of unveiling Project Farmhouse.

The arch will be up for five consecutive market days: November 14, 16, 18, 20 and 21. Visitors can walk under the arch, read about Project Farmhouse and win a prize. In fact, every $10 donation is a chance to pull out a tube and win any number of prizes including JetBlue TrueBlue reward points and Greenmarket Bucks to shop at a Greenmarket. The arch is the concept of Interbrand, designed by ShiftSpace and features recycled cardboard tubes manufactured and donated by Pratt Industries.

A Little about GrowNYC...

Most New Yorkers know GrowNYC for their iconic Union Square Greenmarket. They also run another 54 farmers markets around the city and much more. The group felt their most visited program site was the perfect way to announce the funding campaign to build Project Farmhouse. The group runs Greenmarkets and other food access projects, builds and supports community and school gardens, helps all New Yorkers recycle more and provides hands-on education to some 30,000 young people each year. They've been doing hands-on environmental work to improve quality of life in NYC for 45 years.

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