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Pope Francis in the City
Company News
by GP Family

GP team members’ thrilling sightings

 Rob Arango, CPS Events at The Plaza

In all my years hosting parties – yes, over 30 – I have never had the guest of honor run off the purple carpet.  Camera crews from Access Hollywood and ET trailed Scandal star Kerry Washington when she bolted to the nearest exit to stand among thousands as the Holy Father drove by in his signature FIAT.  Both Kerry and I were neck and neck standing on our toes to catch a glimpse of the Pope as he waived in our direction. I screamed ‘Papa!’ and she exploded in cheers as the cameras quickly interviewed her about seeing the Pope.  (Access Hollywood didn’t ask me for my reaction.)  It certainly didn’t take long for the jubilant crowd to notice the Scandal star and her crew.  In seconds, iPhones turned from the departing FIAT to Kerry and clicked away.  Only in New York. 

Heather Pfeiffer, Event Director

As I was leaving a GP event in Midtown, the streets were crowded with people awaiting Pope Francis’ arrival. I was standing by a one of his checkpoints, surrounded by police offers and archdiocese volunteers. We had leftover food from our event that we offered to them. They graciously accepted it and I had the luck of being able to see the Pope as he drove by as well as during his tour of Central Park the following day! 

Shaun Roberts, Event Director

There are many paths to take to get your food to an event, but with the anticipation of his Holiness Pope Francis making his way thru Central Park, underground was the way to go for an event on Central Park West. We used freezer bags, each of us taking on two per person, to carry delicate hors d'oeuvres to a seemingly simple event for 40 guests. Each were individually wrapped and protected so they would not be compromised. Staff members were equipped with "letters of intent", signed by the client, confirming their business behind police barricades. After a sweet, and thankfully effective, conversation with the police, we were escorted through the barricade to the event space. It was a completely effortless series of events, but the preparations made provided all the reassurance that the client, and our team, needed leading into the event. And, we got a picture of the Pope! Amen.

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