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Plaza Personality: Margo Nederlander | Great Performances


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Plaza Personality: Margo Nederlander
CPS Events at The Plaza
by CPS Events at The Plaza

Interview with Margo MacNabb Nederlander

1. Where were you born?

Bay Shore, NY and raised in Northern Virginia outside of Washington D.C.

2. What is your most memorable party you have ever attended?

Our wedding in 2008 in NYC at Christ Church Methodist and followed by dinner and dancing at The Four Seasons.

3. Tell me how you got involved with ASPCA?

We love animals and have always been an avid supporter of the ASPCA and were good friends of Linda and Ben Lambert. Linda is greatest animal lover and founder of the Bergh Ball.

4. What are the other charities that you are involved with?

Special Olympics, The Silver Shield, and cancer research.

5. If you could have dinner with 3 people tonight who would they be?

My husband, Jimmy, Mr. George M. Steinbrenner III and my father-in-law Jimmy Sr.

6 Have you always loved the theater?

Yes it is a wonderful expression of creativity and it brings vitality to NYC!!

7. What do you consider are the major ingredients to a successful Gala?

Here is my recipe for a Great Gala:

Great guests, fabulous venue/location, fun entertainment, short speeches and edible food.  In this economy gifts bags have gone by the wayside and I find its better to give one good gift then a bag of “whatevers” to our guests.

8. What is the most fabulous show you have seen on Broadway?

“MOVIN OUT”  The Billy Joel and Twyla Tharp musical my husband produced in 2002.  It was a huge success on Broadway and all over the world.

9. Do you have a favorite Theatre on Broadway?

ALL Nederlander Theatres! They are the jewels of Broadway’s crown.

10. What book are you currently reading?

One Good Dog by Susan Wilson – it’s about an adorable pit bull mix named Chance who teaches a man about survival and what really matters.  Its not a tearjerker but an inspiring read.

11. What do you love about New York?

NYC is the best city in the world!!  The people, food, museums, theatre, baseball, buildings –and of course THE PLAZA….

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