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Plaza Personalities: The Past Ten Years | Great Performances


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Plaza Personalities: The Past Ten Years
CPS Events at The Plaza
by Rob Arango

Approaching the ten year anniversary of Plaza Personality, here are snippets of some of our favorite personalities.

If you hadn’t become a fashion icon, what would you have pursued as a career?

“I would have loved to be a musician.”

-  Tommy Hilfiger, Fashion Icon

Who do you most admire?

“It isn’t one person, I truly admire those in the United States who are struggling with everything that’s going on, and they make it, no matter what. They’ve lost their jobs, they’ve lost their home, they’ve lost everything and yet, they still have faith in who they are and what they can create. I admire those people.

-  Suze Orman, Author & Financial  Guru

When you have a night off from galas, cocktail parties, and guest speaking, what do you do to relax?

“My favorite way to relax is to stay home in my sweatpants with some great country music on my iPod and a great book (not an eBook!) on my lap.”

-  Arianna Huffington, Author & Co-Founder of The Huffington Post

Do you like sugar?

“As for, do I like sweets? The treat of the day is a vodka drink with my husband.”

-  Sylvia Weinstock, Queen of Cakes  

What is your favorite venue in the city?

“The Plaza of course…okay, seriously (although I do love The Plaza), my very favorite venue, if someone has the money and can stomach the disruption to their life, is their home. I think given the proper planning and production – which requires logistics as well as a bit of alchemy – there is no better place to create a truly personal experience whether it’s a wedding or a birthday party. It is unquestionably more expensive that other venues and skimping on infrastructure such as proper tenting, parking valets, etc. will lead to problems that make me shudder to think about.

Marcy Blum, Author, Weddings for Dummies

Is there one event over the last 20 years that just stands out?

“Yes, I know that you’re never supposed to have a favorite child but there were probably three that will live on in my memory as very special, special events. One of them was the first time I was hired to do the Tony Supper Ball. That to me was the pinnacle of events as far as New York went.

Suzanne Tobak, Superstar of Opening Nights on Broadway

What is the one thing you may recommend an individual can contribute to help save our endangered wildlife?

“Introduce a child to his or her backyard, park, or windowsill. A child that experiences the joy of nature will protect it.”

-  Allison Rockefeller, Conservationist & Philanthropist

Who is the smartest New Yorker you know?

“My 7 year old Bichon-Frise, Zoe.”

Harriette Rose Katz, Founder of Gourmet Advisory Services

When did you first feel like a true New Yorker? What was a defining moment?

My last name is Van Wyck. I was a born New Yorker. The first mayor of the 5 boroughs was Robert Van Wyck. We came in 1660.”

-  Bronson Van Wyck, Co-Founder, Van Wyck & Van Wyck

If you could have dinner with three people tonight, who would you choose?

“I would have dinner with my daughter, my late father, and my late grandmother, so they could see what a wonderful loveable young woman as she become.”

-  Amy Fine Collins, Author & Fashionista

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