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Plaza Personality
CPS Events at The Plaza
by Emily Reifel

Emily Reifel: Let’s give our readers some background, how did you get started in event planning?

Mindy Weiss: I started about 35 years ago in the invitation business. Then, about 32 years ago one of my clients asked to plan his birthday and from that one party I was hooked! 

ER: I know you have done events all around the world.   What are your top 3 favorite destination spots outside of NYC and LA?

MW: Cabo San Lucas, Montecito, California, Villa d’Este, Lake Como

ER: You must thrive on the insanity. What inspires you?

MW: I don't mind last minute events at all! I love the design aspect of the event...I buy every interior design magazine and slowly comb through every page for inspiration

ER:What is your favorite restaurant in terms of the food, service and décor? 

MW: Blue Hill New York

 ER: If you could have 3 people join you for dinner there, who would they be and why?

MW: Oprah, because she most inspires me. Michelle Obama because, I've never met her and I know we would be friends. Lastly, Gloria Steinem, because she is empowering!!!!!

 ER: As an event planner, you’re always looking for what’s next – how do you blend what is hottest, newest, latest with timelessness and elegance? 

MW: You have to listen and be able to relate to your bride or client and be able to personalize the event to bring in a familiarity for the guests. They have to know whose event they are at! I read a lot so it could be Instagram, it could be magazines, or it could be vintage books...but I like to think of myself as the queen of eclectic! A touch of all and it always blends together to tell a story!

ER: What’s the single most important element of a successful party?

MW: Clients always ask me how much do they have to spend to have a successful event? I always say if it doesn't have the "MUSH" it doesn't matter how much! What people remember is the feeling of the event, the love, I always say "be engaged for the evening," "be present," or “if you have a wonderful night your guests will too!”

 ER: After your first Plaza wedding experience, what can you say about The Plaza that made your experience memorable?

MW:  My most memorable experience truly was that I probably was the most relaxed I have been the day of because the staff at THE Plaza did everything!!!! The food was the most surprising, I'm so used to "so called banquet" food ...but The Plaza's food was like a farm-to-table, fresh, beautifully plated experience! 

ER: What are a few things that make LA weddings different from NYC weddings?

MW: I feel LA weddings are not as formal and traditional. New York weddings seem more grand and traditional. Plus you have to secure a date and location much sooner in New York!

ER: If you weren’t planning A-List Weddings what would you be doing?

MW: Interior design for newlyweds who want a hip home.

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