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Plaza By The Numbers
CPS Events at The Plaza
by Ali Papalia

As we jump right into planning for a busy and event-filled 2018, we can’t help but to reminisce on what an outstanding year 2017 was.  We hosted events large and small, each with their own unique attributes and opportunities for us at CPS Events at The Plaza to showcase our services, food & beverage offerings, and iconic event spaces. We strive to focus on quality over quantity – but boy, are these numbers impressive!  

In 2017, The Plaza turned 110 years old! She’s still looking mighty fine after all this time!

We celebrated the 25th Anniversary of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York; where’s my ice cream sundae?!

Source: Bustle

13,000 glasses of champagne served at our social events.  Cheers to that!

Source: Hechler Photographers

3,000 pounds of coffee fueling our guests at investor conferences

Source: Fred Marcus

84 Heads of State from all over the world meeting with CEOs in our Grand Ballroom.

Source: Georgia Today

9,000 s’mores served – my favorite!

172 celebrities dined in style!

Source: Zimbio

Over $80 million raised for our charitable organizations

Source: Clipart

1,400 feet of step and repeat – more photos please!!


Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Only 1 Grand Ballroom – we are so grateful for the opportunity to host these marvelous events and are eager to see what 2018 has in store!!

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