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Planned Parenthood Gala 2017 | Great Performances


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Planned Parenthood Gala 2017
by Joanna Nadel, Event Director

We recently had the great pleasure of catering the Planned Parenthood 100th Anniversary Gala at Basketball City. The evening was very special for us all.  The energy from the organization’s internal team, the incredible honorees, the setting, and all 1500 attendees was palpable.  Working in support of the invaluable work Planned Parenthood does, and to ensure it is always available, was such an honor. Each captain, chef, server, bartender, back of house staff brought their A game, because they cared - and it was important to each of them. They were applauding after our service meeting. 

We are lucky to execute large dinners often enough with similarly yummy menus and equally great service, but we do not always feel so personally touched by the goals of the event.  


From the staff

“It's always a pleasure to work events that support life-changing organizations, and the Planned Parenthood gala was especially uplifting. The guests were positive and upbeat in general; I particularly enjoyed my table's enthusiasm. Hearing passionate, inspiring women speak about what matters to them is an antidote to news fatigue, and I felt privileged to support the evening in what small way I could.” - Kate Tooley, Event Staff

“Getting to work the Planned Parenthood event, and seeing how many people came out to support an institution that has provided so many women with essential healthcare, was definitely something special. I'm glad I got to be a part of making the night come to fruition, however small my role may have been. The energy in the room was palpable as people gathered to support a cause that was obviously very important to them. It was awesome to see not only women, who made up a large majority of the crowd, but also men coming out to support the anniversary of such an important and vital program for the women of our country. Also, getting to hear some of my female icons speak? Very cool and inspiring.” – Ashley Picciallo, Event Staff

From our client at Planned Parenthood

For me, and I hope all of the attendees, the gala was a reminder that shared joy can be a radical thing-- that existing in + with elation with fellow supporters (not on the defense...or offering rebuttals to flawed systems...or justifications for PP's services... or why the bodies we care for deserve care and how that care builds power) can be an incredibly inspiring organizing tool.  Together we raised over $7 million (and counting) to help protect PP's services and as we teeter on the precipice of another defunding vote, I can't stress how grateful we are---your expertise made that happen!

With gratitude and admiration,


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