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Perfect Spaghetti Squash
by Caitlyn Austin, Katchkie Farm Intern

There are many different techniques to cooking spaghetti squash. This method is the best I've found to produce the perfect noodles for your favorite sauce. Cooking spaghetti squash this way is the best strategy to get long strands from your spaghetti squash. 

Cooking class is now in session, y'all. 


1 Spaghetti squash 
Pairing knife
Oven safe pan 


1. Take a small pairing knife and cut a few slits, as long as the width of your knife, into the spaghetti squash just to help it release steam so it doesn't crack.

2. Place in a roasting pan and put 1/2" of water in the pan so that it won't burn or cook unevenly. Cover with foil and roast at 350F for 20 mins. Check by pressing on the outside of the squash, you will feel it give way, like the fibers inside are pulling away from the skin. 

3. If it needs more time, continue to check every 5-10 minutes. Once cooked, let cool to room temp and slice in half width wise. Carefully scoop out seeds. Then with a fork, gently pull the strands of the squash out. They will be cooked but still have a slight crunch/texture. Creating the same mouth feel as a perfect al dente pasta.

These are great 'noodles' and go well with your favorite pasta sauce or light lemon cream sauce or Caccio Pepe style (Parmesan and black pepper). 

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