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Passover Recipes from Culinary Masters
by Beth Kaiserman

Passover is a holiday centered around the meal - and a wonderful time to embrace new traditions. Three major culinary voices in the Jewish food world have graciously shared their favorite Passover recipes. 

Not only are these exciting culinary creations, but the stories that accompany them are fascinating. Welcome to a journey of flavor!

Joan Nathan, Author of King Solomon’s Table, a Culinary Exploration of Jewish Cooking from Around the World and 10 other well-lauded cookbooks

Joan's culinary discoveries highlight the diversity of Jewish cuisine.

Featured Recipes:
Indian Chicken
Venetian Charoset
Fluden de Pesach
Chocolate Soufflé Roll

©Lauren Volo

Jeffrey Yoskowitz, Author of the wonderful book The Gefilte Manifesto, New Recipes for Old World Jewish Foods, and owner of Gefilteria

Jeffrey works his culinary magic to breathe new life into classic Jewish holiday dishes.

Naama Shefi, Founder of The Jewish Food Society

Naama and The Jewish Food Society hosted a Mexican Seder last year. “These recipes have special place in my heart!” she said.

Featured Recipes:
Matzoh Ball Soup a la Mexicana
Mexican Charoset
Gefilte Fish a la Veracruzana

Bonus: Submit YOUR recipes here to get featured on The Jewish Food Society website!

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